Virtus Pro Enters Overwatch 2 with Ataraxia Roster

Virtus Pro Enters Overwatch 2 with Ataraxia Roster

12. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Virtus Pro has made a significant entry into Overwatch 2, marking its presence in the competitive esports scene of the game.

The renowned Russian organization has successfully acquired the former Ataraxia roster, a team that has been making impressive strides in the Overwatch 2 FACEIT League Season 1 across the European region. This move potentially positions them strongly for the upcoming Esports World Cup.

Virtus Pro Signs Ataraxia Roster

The newly minted Virtus Pro Overwatch 2 lineup comprises talented players from the former Ataraxia squad: Rasmus “Raajaro” Rosvall, Christian “Khenail” Ríos, Jesús Núñez “Galaa” López, Paavo “Sauna” Ulmanen, Niclas Smidt “sHockWave” Jensen, and Viljami “Clowd” Pikkumäki.

These players have demonstrated a remarkable winning streak, particularly evident in their recent performance.

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Ataraxia’s Recent Achievements

Ataraxia has achieved victory in their last eight matches in the FACEIT League Season OneEMEA Master Road to EWC, securing a commendable second place in the current standings, trailing only behind Spacestation Gaming.

The Full Virtus Pro Overwatch 2 Roster

  • Raajaro: Tank
  • sHockWave: DPS
  • Sauna: DPS
  • Clowd: DPS
  • Galaa: Support
  • Khenail: Support


Strategic Move by Virtus Pro

The decision to acquire the Overwatch 2 Ataraxia roster aligns with Virtus Pro’s strategic expansion in esports. Despite being a relatively new addition, Ataraxia’s swift integration into Virtus Pro showcases the organization’s commitment to bolstering its presence in Overwatch 2.

The significance of Virtus Pro’s entry into Overwatch 2 cannot be overstated, especially with the anticipation surrounding the Esports World Cup.

Esports World Cup Anticipation

The Esports World Cup stands as a pinnacle event in the esports calendar, featuring a multitude of games with substantial prize pools. Teams from various top esports titles like Dota 2, Apex Legends, Counter Strike 2, EA Sports FC, Fortnite, and League of Legends compete fiercely for the prestigious titles and lucrative rewards on offer.

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Continued Dominance

Regardless of the roster configuration, the Ataraxia squad, now under Virtus Pro, is poised to maintain its dominance in the Overwatch 2 competitive scene.


With Virtus Pro’s acquisition of the Ataraxia roster, they have positioned themselves strategically in the Overwatch 2 competitive landscape.

As they gear up for future tournaments and the Esports World Cup, all eyes will be on how this powerhouse organization navigates the challenges and opportunities presented in Overwatch 2.