VCT Masters Shanghai: Leviatán Knocks Out T1, One Series Away from Playoffs

VCT Masters Shanghai: Leviatán Knocks Out T1, One Series Away from Playoffs

27. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Leviatán secures a crucial 2-0 victory over T1, moving just one win away from advancing to the playoffs of the VCT Masters Shanghai.

Dominant Performance by Leviatán

The second international tournament of the professional Valorant season continues to heat up, with new matchups resulting in the elimination of two teams. Leviatán’s impressive 2-0 win against T1 places them just one victory away from advancing to the next stage of the VCT Masters Shanghai.


Swiss Stage Drama

The Swiss stage of the VCT Masters Shanghai has been intense, particularly in the lower bracket, where teams face the threat of elimination with each match. After their initial defeat to Gen.G, Leviatán needed a win against T1 to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Breeze: A Strong Start

The action kicked off on Breeze, T1’s map pick. Despite this, Leviatán dominated the first half with a solid defense, leading 9-3 at halftime. Although T1 managed to rally in the pistol rounds after the side switch, it wasn’t enough to overcome Leviatán’s lead, resulting in a 13-9 victory for the Latin American team.


Sunset: Sealing the Deal

Leviatán continued their superior performance on Sunset, their map pick. They controlled the first half with a strong defensive strategy, denying T1’s attempts to plant.

After the side switch, T1 won three consecutive pistol rounds but ultimately couldn’t withstand Leviatán’s aggressive attacks. Leviatán closed out the map 13-7, with standout performances from Francisco “Kingg” Aravena and Roberto “Mazino” Bugueño.

Looking Ahead: FUT Esports Showdown

Leviatán’s next challenge is FUT Esports, who eliminated Dragon Ranger Gaming with a 2-0 sweep in Sunday’s match. The winner of this best-of-three series will advance to the playoffs of the VCT Masters Shanghai, while the loser will be eliminated and must look forward to Stage 2 of the regional leagues.

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Key Highlights

  • Breeze Map: Leviatán’s strong defensive play led to a 9-3 halftime lead, securing a 13-9 victory.
  • Sunset Map: Continued dominance with a 13-7 win, showcasing excellent team coordination and individual performances.
  • Standout Players: Francisco “Kingg” Aravena and Roberto “Mazino” Bugueño were pivotal in securing the series win.

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Leviatán’s victory against T1 not only keeps their tournament hopes alive but also demonstrates their resilience and strategic prowess. As they prepare to face FUT Esports, the team’s focus will be on maintaining their momentum and securing a spot in the playoffs.