VCT Americas: NRG Surprises by Benching Demon1

VCT Americas: NRG Surprises by Benching Demon1

27. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Max “Demon1” Mazanov, the reigning Champions 2023 winner, has been moved to NRG’s inactive roster due to recent underwhelming performances.

Major Roster Changes at NRG

In a surprising turn of events during the ongoing Masters in Shanghai, NRG has decided to make significant changes to their Valorant squad.

On Saturday, the North American team announced that Max “Demon1” Mazanov will be moved to the inactive roster. Alongside this decision, the organization also confirmed the departure of Marved, another recent addition to their lineup.


Context and Background

The Masters of Shanghai commenced on May 23, drawing the attention of the entire Valorant community. While the 12 qualified teams battle it out for the title, other teams worldwide are preparing for Stage 2 of the season. Initially, NRG was positioned as a strong contender for the VCT Americas title.

The North American organization assembled a “super roster” featuring Demon1 and Ethan, Champions 2023 winners, and Marved, a highly influential player in the region. Alongside Crashies and Victor, NRG seemed poised to dominate the VCT Americas.

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Disappointing Performance

Despite the star-studded lineup, NRG failed to meet expectations in the initial tournaments. In the Season Kickoff, they started strong but were eventually eliminated by Sentinels in the semifinals. Following this, NRG struggled to maintain consistency in Stage 1 of VCT Americas, finishing with a 3-3 record and missing the playoffs.

This underperformance prompted the organization to make changes, targeting Demon1 and Marved. Rumors suggest that s0m and FNS are likely to replace them, bringing fresh dynamics to the team.

The Future of Demon1

Demon1’s arrival at NRG came with high expectations following his victory at Champions 2023. However, he couldn’t replicate the same success with NRG, leading to the decision to move him to the inactive roster. The future of this world champion now remains uncertain as the team prepares for Stage 2.

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Key Changes in NRG’s Roster

Demon1’s Move to Inactive Roster

  • Reason: Underperformance in early tournaments.
  • Impact: Significant, as Demon1 was a high-profile acquisition.

Departure of Marved

  • Reason: Similar underperformance and strategic changes.
  • Future Plans: Not officially announced.

Potential Replacements

  • s0m and FNS: Expected to bring new strategies and stability.


Implications for VCT Americas

NRG’s decision to revamp their roster comes at a critical time as teams gear up for Stage 2. The introduction of s0m and FNS could rejuvenate NRG’s performance, potentially making them a formidable force once again. This strategic shift indicates NRG’s commitment to achieving better results and maintaining their competitive edge.

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NRG’s bold move to bench Demon1 and part ways with Marved underscores the high stakes and dynamic nature of competitive Valorant. As the team recalibrates for Stage 2, all eyes will be on their new lineup and how they navigate the challenges ahead.