VCT Masters Madrid: Paper Rex, LOUD, Kcorp, and EDG vie for Playoffs Berth

VCT Masters Madrid: Paper Rex, LOUD, Kcorp, and EDG vie for Playoffs Berth

18. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As the VCT Masters Madrid unfolds, the battle for a coveted spot in the playoffs intensifies. With Gen.G and Sentinels already securing their places, four formidable teams remain in contention: Paper Rex, Karmine Corp, LOUD, and EDward Gaming.

Sunday’s Showdowns

The stakes were high on Sunday as the first international event of competitive Valorant saw two teams bid farewell to their title aspirations.

LOUD, FunPlus Phoenix, Team Heretics, and Paper Rex found themselves in the lower bracket, needing victories to stay alive in the VCT Masters Madrid. Split into two best-of-three series, these four teams now face off for a chance to advance.

Karmine take down FPX

LOUD vs. FunPlus Phoenix

In a thrilling encounter, LOUD clashed with FunPlus Phoenix in a series that showcased the dominance of the Brazilian squad. Despite a valiant effort from the Chinese team, FunPlus Phoenix emerged victorious in both maps, clinching the series with a commanding 2-0 scoreline.

Paper Rex vs. Team Heretics

Meanwhile, Paper Rex squared off against Team Heretics in a tense battle that went the distance. After exchanging blows in Sunset and Breeze, the series culminated in a decisive showdown on Split.

Despite the home crowd’s fervent support for Team Heretics, Paper Rex showcased their resilience, securing a pivotal victory with a stellar performance from Jason “Forsaken” Susanto.

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Next Steps

With their triumphs, Paper Rex advances to face Karmine Corp, who dropped to the lower bracket after a defeat against Sentinels. LOUD, on the other hand, prepares to take on EDward Gaming following the latter’s unsuccessful bid against Gen.G.

These matchups will be contested in best-of-three series, with the winners earning coveted berths in the playoffs of the VCT Masters Madrid.

Final Thoughts

As the competition heats up and the stakes escalate, these remaining teams are poised to deliver thrilling performances on the grand stage. With their sights set on playoff glory, Paper Rex, LOUD, Karmine Corp, and EDward Gaming are primed to showcase their prowess and determination in the pursuit of Valorant supremacy.

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