VCT Masters Madrid: Gen.G Surprises Everyone, Defeats LOUD

VCT Masters Madrid: Gen.G Surprises Everyone, Defeats LOUD

15. March 2024 by Never

The VCT Masters Madrid kicked off with a bang as Gen.G pulled off a stunning victory against LOUD.

Unforeseen Results Unfold

The global Valorant championship is now underway, and the first unexpected results are already making waves. On Thursday, Gen.G shocked the world by defeating LOUD with a score of 2-1 in the opening match of the VCT Masters Madrid. In the other match of the day, Karmine Corp secured a 2-0 win over FunPlus Phoenix, starting the tournament on the right foot.

Exciting Beginnings in Madrid

In this edition, the top two teams from each of the International Leagues have arrived in Spain for the Masters Madrid. Additionally, this edition introduces a Swiss Phase, a format never seen before in an event of this magnitude.

If you want to learn more about the format, here’s a link with all the information. The first day of competition opened with the match between Karmine Corp and FunPlus Phoenix, followed by Gen.G facing off against LOUD.

Triumph and Tribulation

In the first match of the day, Karmine Corp had little trouble defeating the Chinese squad. The European team secured a 2-0 victory (13-8 on Icebox and 13-10 on Lotus) to kick off with a 1-0 record in the Swiss Phase.

However, the real highlight came in the showdown between the Brazilians and Koreans.

The first map of the series was Icebox, LOUD’s pick, but it ended up in the hands of Gen.G with a close 13-11 score. Despite this, the Brazilian team managed to bounce back and secured Gen.G’s pick, Breeze, with a 13-8 score, forcing a decider. However, Ascent turned into a one-sided affair for the roster comprised of Meteor, t3xture, Lakia, Munchkin, and Karon, who dominated with a 13-5 victory.

The Underdog Prevails

Ultimately, Gen.G pulled off the first upset of the Masters Madrid and defeated LOUD, one of the title contenders. This puts the Brazilian team on the ropes, as they can’t afford to lose any more matches or risk elimination. If you want to follow the upcoming matches, you can do so via Twitch.