VCT Americas: Leviatán on the Verge of Champions 2024 Qualification

VCT Americas: Leviatán on the Verge of Champions 2024 Qualification

11. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Leviatán Esports, after an impressive Regular Season in the VCT Americas, is now on the cusp of securing their place in the Champions 2024. The team’s stellar performance has positioned them favorably as they head into the final stages of the competition.

Dominating the Regular Season

Leviatán Esports has had a phenomenal run in the VCT Americas, finishing at the top of the standings in the Regular Season. This achievement sets them up with a significant advantage as they approach the Playoffs. Their consistent performance and strategic gameplay have made them one of the most formidable teams in the tournament.

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Key Players and Strategies

The team’s success can be attributed to the exceptional skills of players like Tex, aspas, C0M, Mazino, and kiNgg. Their coordination and ability to adapt to various in-game situations have been critical in securing victories.

Leviatán’s strategy has focused on leveraging individual strengths while maintaining strong team cohesion, allowing them to outmaneuver their opponents consistently.

Key Characteristics of Leviatán Esports

  1. Strong Team Composition:
    • Tex: Known for his aggressive plays and clutch moments.
    • aspas: A versatile player with excellent aim and game sense.
    • C0M: Strategic mastermind with great support capabilities.
    • Mazino: Consistent performer with a keen sense of positioning.
    • kiNgg: Dynamic playmaker known for adapting to different roles.
  2. Strategic Depth:
    • Focus on leveraging individual strengths.
    • Strong team coordination and communication.
    • Ability to adapt strategies mid-game.
  3. Consistent Performance:
    • Top finish in the VCT Americas Regular Season.
    • Accumulation of Championship Points providing a backup qualification route.
    • Resilience in high-pressure situations.


Playoffs and the Road to Champions 2024

Leviatán’s journey to Champions 2024 hinges on their performance in the upcoming Playoffs. To secure a direct ticket to the prestigious tournament in Seoul, South Korea, Leviatán needs to win one of their series in the Playoffs. Finishing first in the Regular Season gives them an advantageous position, requiring fewer wins to secure their spot.

Even if Leviatán faces setbacks in the Playoffs, their accumulation of Championship Points throughout the season offers an additional pathway to Champions 2024. This dual qualification route provides a safety net, highlighting the importance of their consistent performance over the season.

The Significance of Champions 2024

Champions 2024 is the pinnacle event in the Valorant competitive calendar, bringing together the best teams from around the globe. For Leviatán, qualifying for this tournament is not just about prestige; it’s a testament to their hard work, dedication, and strategic prowess. Competing in Seoul would put them on the global stage, providing invaluable experience and exposure.


Upcoming Events and What to Expect

The VCT Americas Playoffs are set to begin on July 17, 2024. Fans can expect high-stakes matches as teams battle for a spot in Champions 2024. Leviatán’s supporters are eagerly anticipating their matches, confident in the team’s ability to secure a victory.


Leviatán Esports stands on the brink of a significant achievement in the VCT Americas. Their performance in the Regular Season has been nothing short of spectacular, and they now face the final hurdle in the Playoffs.

With talented players and a strong strategic approach, Leviatán is well-positioned to secure their place in Champions 2024 and represent Latin America on the global stage.

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