VCT Americas: Leviatán Dominates LOUD to Secure Top Spot in Stage 2

VCT Americas: Leviatán Dominates LOUD to Secure Top Spot in Stage 2

8. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Leviatán has made a significant impact in the VCT Americas Stage 2 by defeating LOUD with a commanding 2-0 victory. This win not only secures Leviatán the top spot in their group but also eliminates LOUD from playoff contention, marking a historic moment in the Valorant competitive scene.

A Critical Win for Leviatán

The recent changes in Leviatán’s roster have clearly paid off, as the team delivered a stellar performance to defeat the renowned Brazilian squad, LOUD. This victory is a testament to Leviatán’s strategic prowess and adaptability, positioning them favorably for the upcoming VALORANT Champions 2024.

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Match Analysis: Leviatán vs LOUD

Map 1: Lotus

Leviatán kicked off the series on Lotus with an aggressive start, winning the first three rounds. Despite LOUD’s efforts to mount a defense, they trailed behind, allowing Leviatán to secure an 8-4 lead by halftime. In the second half, Leviatán’s resilience shone through as they overturned the deficit, clinching the map with a 13-11 score, thanks to Com’s outstanding performance.

Map 2: Icebox

The second map, Icebox, saw Leviatán capitalizing on their defensive strategies, taking an early lead. LOUD struggled to breach Leviatán’s defense, resulting in an 8-4 score at halftime. Despite LOUD’s attempts to recover in the second half, Leviatán maintained their momentum and secured the map with a decisive 13-6 victory.


LOUD’s Struggles and Elimination

LOUD’s elimination from the VCT Americas Stage 2 marks a significant setback for the team, especially given their storied history in the Valorant competitive scene. The loss of Aspas has evidently impacted their performance, leading to inconsistent results and, ultimately, their early exit from the tournament.

The Future for LOUD

LOUD’s inability to advance to the playoffs and qualify for the VALORANT Champions 2024 signifies a period of reassessment and potential restructuring. This will be the first world championship they miss, highlighting the challenges they face in maintaining their competitive edge.


Leviatán’s Road to VALORANT Champions 2024

With their recent victory, Leviatán is now just one series away from securing a spot in the VALORANT Champions 2024. Their performance against top-tier teams like LOUD underscores their potential to excel on the global stage.

Key Factors in Leviatán’s Success

  1. Strategic Adaptability: Leviatán’s ability to adapt their strategies mid-game has been crucial to their success.
  2. Roster Changes: The new roster has brought fresh energy and skills, contributing significantly to their recent victories.
  3. Consistent Performance: Maintaining consistent performance under pressure has positioned Leviatán as a strong contender in the VCT Americas.



As Leviatán advances toward the VALORANT Champions 2024, their recent performance serves as a strong indicator of their capabilities. Fans and analysts should keep a close watch on this dynamic team as they continue to navigate the competitive landscape.

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