The Return of The Most Anticipated Map: Valve Revives Beloved Map Pool Day in CS2 Update

The Return of The Most Anticipated Map: Valve Revives Beloved Map Pool Day in CS2 Update

26. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a recent patch, Valve has added what is arguably the most beloved map in Counter-Strike history to CS2, much to the delight of the community.

For anyone who has ever played Valve’s iconic shooter, this update is bound to stir up some fond memories. This Tuesday, the developer released a new update for CS2, with the highlight being the return of one of the most cherished maps in the game’s history.

Ongoing Efforts to Improve CS2

As usual, Valve continues to work on keeping the game in the best possible state. Despite a somewhat rocky start, Counter-Strike seems to be finding its footing again.

The latest batch of updates released on Tuesday includes everything from bug fixes to the introduction of new content. Our focus here is on the latter, as a beloved classic map makes its debut in CS2. If you’re thinking of classics like Dust II or Inferno, think again.

Image via “Mifaso1 CS2”

The Return of Pool Day

With this Tuesday’s update, Valve has brought back the Pool Day map, often known as fy_pool_day. While never used in competitive play, it is a true classic and one of the most missed by the community.

Long-time Counter-Strike players will remember countless hours of fun spent on this map in CS 1.6 with friends. Fittingly, Pool Day is one of the first community maps to be added to CS2 since its launch.

Image via “Mifaso1 CS2”

Other Map Updates

  • Thera and Mills: Available in Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch modes.
  • Memento and Assembly: Added to the map pool for the Wingman mode.
  • Pool Day: Added to the Arms Race map pool.

Nostalgia for Long-Time Fans

The reappearance of Pool Day in CS2 is undoubtedly a nostalgic nod to fans of the franchise. If you want to read all the update notes, you can follow this link to the official Steam page.

Final Toughts

The return of Pool Day in CS2 is a nostalgic treat for long-time fans of Counter-Strike. Valve’s commitment to enhancing the game with beloved classics and new content ensures that CS2 continues to evolve while honoring its rich history.

Whether you’re an old-school player or new to the game, this update offers something exciting for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the revived thrill of Pool Day!

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