Team Liquid Faces New Departure in CS2: Skullz Moves to FURIA

Team Liquid Faces New Departure in CS2: Skullz Moves to FURIA

25. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

FURIA’s Counter-Strike 2 roster is reportedly complete with the addition of skullz, formerly of paiN Gaming and Team Liquid.

Skullz Joins FURIA

The official announcement of skullz joining FURIA is imminent, following private negotiations reported by Jairo “Foxer” Junior of Game Arena. Skullz, known for his tenure with Team Liquid, fills the vacancy left by Kayke “kye” Bertolucci, who was recently benched.

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Changes in FURIA’s Strategy

Alongside skullz’s arrival, FURIA is poised for further changes, including a coaching transition. Guerri, the current coach, is set to move into a managerial role, with Sid “sidde” Macedo, FURIA’s assistant coach, emerging as the leading candidate to take over coaching duties.

Skullz’s Background and Prospects

At 22 years old, skullz brings valuable experience to FURIA’s lineup. While his debut date is yet to be confirmed, speculation suggests it may coincide with the Esports World Cup 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, starting July 17.


Team Liquid’s Struggles

Skullz’s departure compounds a challenging period for Team Liquid in Counter-Strike. Their recent failures include missing out on PGL Major Copenhagen qualifiers and stumbling in subsequent events like IEM Chengdu and the BLAST Spring Showdown.

Despite later playoff appearances at IEM Chengdu and ESL Pro League Season 19, internal issues have persisted within the team.

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Analysis and Community Reaction

Critics have highlighted the underperformance of players like YEKINDAR and skullz as pivotal factors in Liquid’s setbacks. The team also faces the challenge of integrating new strategies following the recent benching of cadiaN, their in-game leader.