Valorant: Players Advocate for Quality-of-Life Changes to Viper’s Orb

Valorant: Players Advocate for Quality-of-Life Changes to Viper’s Orb

6. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Following significant nerfs to Viper’s kit in VALORANT Patch 8.08, players are calling on Riot Games to introduce a quality-of-life improvement for the Poison Cloud orb to enhance the agent’s usability without overpowering her in competitive play.

Recent Kit Nerfs

Viper’s abilities saw substantial adjustments in the latest patch, impacting her overall effectiveness in matches. Notably, Viper can no longer retrieve her Poison Cloud orb once deployed during a round, limiting her strategic flexibility and defensive capabilities.


Community Feedback

In response to these changes, VALORANT players have proposed a practical solution on the game’s subreddit, advocating for a preview feature that allows Viper to visualize the exact placement of her Poison Cloud orb before deployment, similar to the functionality available in custom games with cheats enabled.

This suggested enhancement aims to address the challenge of precise orb placement, particularly in highstakes scenarios where errors can significantly impact gameplay.

Importance of Quality-of-Life Change

The proposed preview feature would provide Viper players with essential tools to optimize orb placement and refine strategic positioning without compromising the agent’s balanced gameplay. By offering this improvement, Riot Games can enhance Viper’s playability and enjoyment without necessitating a power boost that could disrupt competitive balance.

VALORANT Viper Orb Placement

Personal Perspective

As a player who frequently utilizes smokes in-game, I wholeheartedly support this proposed adjustment to Viper’s Poison Cloud orb. The recent nerfs have diminished my enthusiasm for playing Viper, and the addition of a preview feature would undoubtedly contribute to a more enjoyable experience with the agent.

Community Impact

The ongoing adjustments to Viper’s abilities have sparked discussions about the evolving dynamics of controller agent preferences in VALORANT. With Viper’s reduced viability, players are exploring alternative controller options like Clove, anticipating shifts in agent selection trends in upcoming matches.

Surrender will be an option coming to Valorant soon 2


In conclusion, implementing a preview feature for Viper’s Poison Cloud orb represents a meaningful step towards addressing player concerns and enhancing the overall gameplay experience. This quality-of-life improvement aligns with community feedback and contributes to maintaining a diverse and engaging meta in VALORANT.

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