VALORANT Patch 8.08 Notes: Viper and Cypher Adjustments

VALORANT Patch 8.08 Notes: Viper and Cypher Adjustments

1. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Staying informed about VALORANT updates is crucial to keep up with the game’s evolving pace. However, it can be challenging to navigate all the changes efficiently. In this up-to-date article, we’ll cover all the highlights of VALORANT Patch 8.08. This patch marks the beginning of Episode 8 Act III.

First and foremost, a new act brings a fresh Premier phase. This time, advancements in competitive team play stand out as the key feature. In all divisions, 600 Premier points are required to qualify for elimination tournaments. Now, let’s dive into the significant agent changes.

Agent Changes in VALORANT Patch 8.08

After dominating in competitive, casual, and ranked modes, Cypher and Viper receive significant nerfs in Patch 8.08. These adjustments target their defensive capabilities, reducing their effectiveness compared to recent standards. This change aims to challenge players to use their tools optimally while penalizing mistakes.

Patch Notes Highlights 8 08 16x9


  • [C] Tripwire:
    • Re-activation time: 1 sec. -> 2 sec.
    • Slow duration: 2 sec. -> 1.25 sec.
  • [E] Spycam:
    • The camera now emits a looping sound while active, alerting enemies.


  • [E] Toxic Screen and [Q] Poison Cloud:
    • Maximum duration: [E] 15 sec. -> 13.5 sec., [Q] 13.5 sec. -> 12 sec.
    • Minimum fuel required for activation: 20% -> 30%
    • Cooldown for reactivation: [E] 8 sec. -> 5.5 sec., [Q] 5.5 sec. -> 5 sec.
    • [Q] can now only be retrieved during the buy phase.
  • [C] Snakebite:
    • Charges: 2 -> 1
    • Price: 200 -> 300
    • Poison duration: 5.5 sec. -> 6.5 sec.

Bug Fixes in VALORANT Patch 8.08


  • Phoenix’s flash no longer malfunctions at wall or screen edges.
  • KillJoy’s turret no longer detects players through Harbor’s Rising Tide.
  • Clove’s ability icons now display correctly when using [E] Deceive.
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed [C] Tripwires would still appear on the minimap.


  • Resolved an issue allowing agents to climb on a sign in A Split.

Gameplay Experience:

  • Fixed a bug preventing footsteps from being heard while affected by [Q] Slow Orb.

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In summary, Patch 8.08 of VALORANT introduces notable adjustments to Cypher and Viper, aiming to balance their defensive strengths. These changes encourage strategic play and skillful tool utilization. Stay tuned for more updates and adjustments as VALORANT continues to evolve.