Strange Bug in VALORANT Allows Clove to Resurrect Without Receiving Damage

Strange Bug in VALORANT Allows Clove to Resurrect Without Receiving Damage

15. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In VALORANT, Clove’s self-reviving ultimate, “Not Dead Yet,” provides a significant advantage but traditionally requires securing a kill or damaging assist to activate. However, a peculiar interaction with Killjoy’s Lockdown seems to nullify this condition, granting Clove an unfair advantage in certain scenarios.

A Reddit clip has highlighted this issue, demonstrating that if Clove activates “Not Dead Yet” and then gets detained by Killjoy’s Lockdown immediately afterward, they no longer need to secure a kill or damaging assist to stay alive in the game.

This interaction fundamentally cancels an essential condition of Clove’s ultimate, indicating a significant bug that Riot Games should address promptly.

Unusual Voice Line and Interaction

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Additionally, there’s an oddity in the voice lines triggered by this bug. Instead of the typical responses like “I’m back for good!” or “That was close!” upon surviving the ultimate, Clove instead says, “That was weird.” This voice line is typically associated with Sage’s resurrection, suggesting that the bug mistakenly identifies Clove caught in Killjoy’s Lockdown as Sage’s resurrected state.

To replicate this interaction, players must activate Clove’s ultimate precisely when Killjoy’s Lockdown activates. This makes the bug quite situational and challenging to exploit in ranked VALORANT matches.

Clarifying Mechanics

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It’s important not to confuse this bug with Clove’s ability to dodge Killjoy’s ultimate using the dismiss animation of “Not Dead Yet.” The latter is a legitimate mechanic that still requires dealing damage or securing a kill to survive.

Clove’s ultimate, due to its design, presents several unique interactions within VALORANT. For example, it’s possible to activate “Not Dead Yet” while suppressed by KAY/O’s abilities, but the same cannot be done while affected by Iso’s ultimate.

Riot Games has yet to acknowledge this bug officially, but players anticipate that the developer will address it in the near future to maintain game balance.

Final Toughts

The “Not Dead Yet” bug in VALORANT involving Clove and Killjoy’s Lockdown presents a clear imbalance in gameplay. Riot Games should prioritize fixing this issue to ensure fair and consistent mechanics within the game.

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