VALORANT Patch 8.09 Notes: Night Market Approaching!

VALORANT Patch 8.09 Notes: Night Market Approaching!

15. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Staying updated with VALORANT patches is crucial to keep up with the game’s pace. However, it can be challenging to quickly find all the important changes. That’s why, in this continuously updated article, we bring you all the highlights of each VALORANT patch. This time, we delve into VALORANT Patch 8.09.

Agent Changes in Patch 8.08


  • [E] Smoke Screen:
    • Radius: 410 -> 415
    • The aiming interface now correctly reflects the smoke’s size.

Bug Fixes in Patch 8.08

Gameplay Experience:

  • Fixed an issue causing crosshair profiles to be lost.
  • Fixed a bug where the client would hang after completing a match, requiring a client restart to continue.

valorant crosshair

Night Market Returns Soon!

The Night Market is just around the corner. The personalized discount store will arrive on May 23 and will last until June 13. Make sure to log into the client, discover the special offers, and grab that skin you’ve been longing to add to your arsenal.

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Staying informed about VALORANT patches ensures you’re ready for the game’s evolving dynamics. Patch 8.09 brings agent adjustments and bug fixes, while the Night Market promises exciting opportunities to snag coveted skins at discounted rates. Don’t miss out on these updates and limited-time offers to enhance your gameplay experience!