Valorant Patch 9.00: Riot Alters Content Release Schedule

Valorant Patch 9.00: Riot Alters Content Release Schedule

22. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has announced a significant change to the content release schedule for Valorant, starting with Patch 9.00. Unlike previous updates, where new content would be available the same day the patch was deployed, Riot is introducing a staggered release system.

New Update Dynamics

With the release of Patch 9.00, all gameplay-related updates such as agent balances, main menu background videos, and login screen art will still be available immediately upon the patch’s release. This ensures that critical gameplay adjustments are implemented without delay, maintaining the game’s balance and competitive integrity.


Delayed Release for Other Content

However, other types of content will follow a new schedule:

  • Non-Gameplay Content: New agents, maps, rank resets, battle pass updates, and skins will be activated the day after the patch release. This means if the patch drops on a Tuesday, these updates will go live on Wednesday.
  • Store Updates: The in-game store will receive updates two days after the patch release, moving from the previous same-day updates to a Thursday rollout.

Regional Impact of the New Schedule

Valorant crosshair disappeared

Current Schedule vs. New Schedule

In most regions, including ours, patch releases traditionally occur on Tuesdays, with all new content available the same day. Starting with Patch 9.00, the schedule will adjust as follows:

  • Tuesday: Gameplay changes (agent balances, menu videos, login screen art)
  • Wednesday: Non-gameplay content (new agents, maps, rank resets, battle passes, skins)
  • Thursday: Store updates

Smoother Content Integration

Riot’s new approach aims to ensure smoother integration of new content and better manage server stability. By staggering the release of various content types, Riot can address any potential issues more efficiently and ensure a seamless experience for players.

Valorant 8.11 agent updates

Enhanced Player Experience

Players can look forward to a more organized and predictable update schedule. This change allows for better anticipation and excitement around new content, as well as improved server performance during major updates.


Riot Games’ new content release strategy for Valorant, starting with Patch 9.00, introduces a structured approach to deploying updates. While gameplay changes will remain immediate, non-gameplay content and store updates will follow a staggered release, enhancing the overall player experience and ensuring smoother content integration.

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