Unleashing Jawgemo: Evil Geniuses Prepares for VCT Stage 2 with Duelist Overhaul

Unleashing Jawgemo: Evil Geniuses Prepares for VCT Stage 2 with Duelist Overhaul

20. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Evil Geniuses and their VALORANT coach, Christine “potter” Chi, are poised to shake up the meta in VCT Americas Stage 2 with the latest patch introducing significant buffs to duelists like Iso, Neon, Reyna, and Raze. With the stage set to kick off, Coach potter shared insights with Dot Esports on how these changes will impact their strategies and gameplay dynamics.

Exciting Changes in Patch 8.11

Coach potter expressed enthusiasm about the implications of patch 8.11, particularly for their standout duelist, Alexander “jawgemo” Mor. “All of my players are very excited about this change, this patch, especially Jawgemo,”

potter emphasized.He’s gonna be having a great old time being able to select all these different duelists—well, four mainly that are going to be going into the rotation.

Discussing the specific buffs, potter highlighted the adjustments to Raze, noting that despite losing some range, the speed from her Satchel Charge remains potent. The dynamic between Raze, Neon, and Jett will spark strategic debates among teams, offering varied playstyles and tactical trade-offs throughout the competition.

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Strategy and Meta Adaptations

Reflecting on Evil Geniuses’ progress, potter drew parallels to their previous season’s journey, where strategic adjustments were key to their development. “Because we had the perfect amount of problems from the beginning of the year, by each match we knew exactly what we needed to work on. So we’re constantly feeling our progress and our confidence growing together as a squad.

The addition of Iso and the buffs to Neon could potentially redefine Evil Geniuses’ approach, akin to how integrating Demon1 proved pivotal last year. Potter acknowledged the team’s capability to influence the meta in their favor, echoing sentiments shared by other top coaches in the league.

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Looking Ahead: Key Matchups and Challenges

Stage 2 promises intense matchups for Evil Geniuses, starting with a showdown against LOUD in week one and a clash against 100 Thieves in week three, both formidable opponents with past world championship accolades. These encounters will test EG’s adaptability and strategy in navigating the evolving landscape of competitive VALORANT.

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Final Toughts

As the stage unfolds, all eyes will be on how Evil Geniuses leverage the duelist buffs to gain an edge over their rivals, setting the stage for thrilling gameplay and strategic depth throughout VCT Americas Stage 2.