Valorant: Changes to Iso Make Him the Best Duelist

Valorant: Changes to Iso Make Him the Best Duelist

17. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Version 8.11 brings changes to Iso’s “Finisher” ability, making him the top duelist in Valorant.

Major Update in Valorant 8.11

The latest update to Riot Games’ FPS, Valorant, has introduced significant changes, including a new map and various adjustments to duelist agents. However, the most notable improvement has been made to Iso, who, after the buffs in version 8.11, is now considered the best duelist in the game.

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Release of Version 8.11

Version 8.11 was released on June 11, bringing with it the new map “Abyss” and several changes for duelists. Reyna, Iso, and Neon received buffs, though Neon was initially overpowered, prompting Riot to issue an emergency hotfix. Amidst these changes, Iso has emerged as a standout agent, wreaking havoc in matches.

Iso’s Buffs and Impact

The enhancements to Iso in version 8.11 have positioned him as the premier duelist in Valorant, according to top-level players, including professionals. Over time, the community has witnessed the newfound power of the Chinese agent, thanks to the patch’s updates.

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Key Changes to Iso

  • Finisher (E): Iso can now activate his shield without needing to eliminate an enemy, allowing him to take greater risks and force plays without being punished at the start of a round. This change has enabled Iso to become more aggressive and influential in matches.

Professional players have shared clips showcasing Iso’s potential, demonstrating his dominance in the right hands. The buffs have sparked debates about whether Iso is now too powerful, with some players claiming that the changes are “broken” but necessary to ensure his presence in the meta, which has long been dominated by Jett, Reyna, and Raze.

Iso’s Selection and Performance

Since the release of version 8.11, Iso’s pick rate has increased, though his win rate has remained stable. Unlike Neon, whose initial buff required immediate adjustments, Riot Games might not address Iso’s power until the next update.

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The changes to Iso have redefined the competitive landscape in Valorant, making him a formidable duelist. As the community continues to adapt to these updates, Iso’s influence on the meta will be closely watched. For now, he stands as the top choice for players seeking to dominate their matches.

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