VALORANT Developers Address Neon’s Unintended Mid-Air Accuracy Buff

VALORANT Developers Address Neon’s Unintended Mid-Air Accuracy Buff

12. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

A recent update to VALORANT has inadvertently turned heads with an unexpected enhancement to Neon’s capabilities. Here’s a detailed look at the situation surrounding Neon’s newfound mid-air precision and the developers’ swift response.

Unintended Buff Discovered in Patch 8.11

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In the latest Patch 8.11 for VALORANT, developers introduced significant adjustments primarily focusing on Duelist Agents. One of the beneficiaries was Neon, who received enhancements intended to refine her slide mechanics:

  • Slide charges increased from 1 to 2.
  • Removal of all weapon movement error when sliding.
  • Increased accuracy during sliding movements.

However, an unforeseen consequence of these updates surfaced when players, including prominent figures like Zachary “zekken” Patrone, demonstrated that Neon now possesses uncanny mid-air accuracy. This unexpected capability allows Neon to maintain precise shooting even while airborne, a feature not originally intended by the developers.

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Community and Developer Response

Upon discovering this unintended buff, the VALORANT development team swiftly acknowledged the issue and assured players that corrective measures are already in progress. Coleman Palm, Project Management Lead for VALORANT, responded promptly via official channels, underscoring that mid-air accuracy was not part of the intended update for Neon.

Ryan Cousart, the game’s Agent Design Craft Lead, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing that while the current state may offer some temporary excitement for Neon players, adjustments will revert her abilities to their intended design soon.

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Final Thoughts

While the accidental mid-air accuracy buff for Neon may add an element of surprise in gameplay, it’s clear that developers are committed to maintaining balance and integrity within the game.

Players can expect a forthcoming patch to address and remove this unintended feature, ensuring fairness and consistency across all Agents in VALORANT.

As the VALORANT community prepares for these adjustments, enthusiasts and professionals alike can appreciate the diligent efforts of the development team in responding swiftly to player feedback and maintaining the competitive integrity of the game.

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