Riot Games Unveils New VALORANT Map “Abyss”: Fans Draw Comparisons to CS2’s Vertigo

Riot Games Unveils New VALORANT Map “Abyss”: Fans Draw Comparisons to CS2’s Vertigo

10. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

On June 8, Riot Games released a cinematic trailer for the highly anticipated VALORANT map “Abyss,” igniting excitement and comparisons among fans. The trailer reveals a strikingly unique map that features a garden suspended over an endless pit, evoking the design of Vertigo, a classic map from the Counter-Strike series.

A Glimpse Into “Abyss”

The trailer showcases VALORANT agents navigating through the precarious terrain of Abyss. The map’s central theme revolves around an expansive, bottomless pit, providing a thrilling and perilous setting for players.

This feature immediately drew comparisons to Counter-Strike’s Vertigo, a map known for its high-altitude, edge-of-your-seat gameplay. Vertigo, introduced in 2012, has been a fan favorite in Counter-Strike for its vertical gameplay on the top floors of an under-construction skyscraper.

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Fan Reactions

The resemblance to Vertigo did not go unnoticed by the VALORANT community. On a Reddit thread dated June 8, one fan remarked,The map from [a] bird’s eye view looks an awful lot like de_vertigo from Counter-Strike.” This sentiment was echoed by many others who speculated on the potential for players to fall to their doom, a feature reminiscent of Vertigo’s risky edges.

Fans are particularly intrigued by the potential gameplay implications of Abyss. Some are already anticipating the chaotic first few weeks, where players may lose rounds simply because their teammates fall off the map while getting accustomed to the new layout.

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Unique Elements of Abyss

Despite the similarities, Abyss introduces distinctive features that set it apart from Vertigo. Notably, Abyss has a massive hole in the center of what appears to be a Spike site, adding an extra layer of strategy and risk. Unlike Vertigo, where players can fall off the map’s edges, Abyss could potentially allow free-falling from within the map’s boundaries.

Riot Games has yet to confirm whether there will be barriers to prevent players from accidentally walking off the map. This open question leaves room for speculation and excitement among the player base.

Interestingly, Riot previously considered adding a pit to the map Pearl before its 2022 release. However, the idea was scrapped to maintain Pearl’s “deceptively simple” layout. Pearl does feature a hole above the ropes near the attackers’ spawn, but it doesn’t allow players to jump off the map.

VALORANT’s Expanding Horizons

The release of Abyss comes at a time of significant developments for VALORANT. The tactical FPS is set to make its debut on consoles this year, expanding its reach and bringing its intense gameplay to a broader audience.

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The unveiling of the Abyss map marks an exciting chapter for VALORANT, promising new challenges and thrilling gameplay dynamics. As players await its release, the comparisons to Counter-Strike’s Vertigo only heighten the anticipation.

Whether Abyss will live up to its hype and how it will shape the meta remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: VALORANT continues to innovate and captivate its audience with each new update.

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