Valorant Players Unearth Broken Clove Interaction Facilitating Kills with Smoke

Valorant Players Unearth Broken Clove Interaction Facilitating Kills with Smoke

29. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Valorant’s latest agent, Clove, has only recently been introduced, but players are already uncovering tricks to gain an edge on the battlefield— including a glitch that may require patching in the next update.

Desync Issue Discovered

Reports on the Valorant subreddit reveal a desync issue with Clove’s smokes, causing players within the area of activation to have their vision obstructed slightly earlier than those outside. This discrepancy enables Clove players to block off areas with smoke and utilize well-timed peeks to gain an unfair advantage in gunfights.

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Exploiting the Glitch

By mastering the timing window for the peek, Clove and their teammates outside the smoke gain a brief glimpse of opposing players before the smoke fully activates. This allows them to spam shots where the player was or might be moving, securing kills without fear of accurate retaliation.

Developer Response

Riot Games’ developer team, alerted to the issue by game designer Penguin, is investigating the glitch. If deemed exploitable and repeatable, the developers will promptly address the bug to maintain fair gameplay across casual and ranked modes.

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Clove’s Dominance

Despite the glitch, Clove’s unique kit has rapidly dominated solo queue ladders, boasting some of the highest win rates among agents in various ranked distributions. With win rates ranging from 53.3 percent in Gold to 53.4 percent in Ascendant, Clove proves to be a successful pick for diverse team compositions, as reported by


The reported glitch with Clove’s smokes in Valorant underscores the importance of community feedback and swift developer action for a fair gaming experience.

As Riot Games investigates and resolves the issue, players can anticipate improved gameplay. Meanwhile, Clove’s strong performance reaffirms their impact in Valorant’s evolving meta. With continued developer support, Valorant remains a dynamic and competitive shooter.


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