Valorant Agent Clove’s Impact: Breaking the Kill Limit Per Round

Valorant Agent Clove’s Impact: Breaking the Kill Limit Per Round

26. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Valorant’s latest addition, Agent Clove, is causing quite a stir in the gaming community. Not only does Clove bring a host of mischief to the battlefield, but they also have the potential to defy the maximum kill limit per round rule with their unique kit.

Unveiling Clove’s Ability

Following Clove’s debut on March 24 during the VCT Masters Madrid finals, Valorant players quickly realized the game-changing potential of their ability, Not Dead Yet, when combined with Sage’s Resurrection. This synergy effectively increases the maximum number of kills per round from six to nine, introducing a new level of strategic complexity to gameplay.

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The Path to Eight Kills

While achieving the maximum of nine kills in a single round may seem highly theoretical, scoring eight kills is within the realm of possibility. Here’s a breakdown of the intricate steps required to accomplish this feat:

  1. Both teams must have a Clove and a Sage with their ultimates ready.
  2. The player aiming for maximum kills (referred to as X) eliminates three enemies other than the enemy Clove and Sage.
  3. The enemy Sage resurrects one of their teammates, whom X subsequently eliminates.
  4. The enemy Sage collects two ultimate orbs and eliminates two of X’s teammates.
  5. X’s Sage revives one of their teammates, only to be eliminated by the enemy Sage along with Clove.
  6. Clove revives themselves, only to be eliminated again by the enemy Sage.
  7. The enemy Sage revives another teammate, setting the stage for X to eliminate the revived player, enemy Sage, and Clove once more.
  8. Enemy Clove revives themselves, providing X with the opportunity to secure the eighth kill.


Practical Considerations

While scoring eight kills in a single Valorant round may seem feasible in theory, the practical execution of such a strategy in ranked games is highly improbable. The intricate coordination and timing required for these maneuvers make it more likely to occur in staged scenarios rather than in the heat of competitive gameplay.


Valorant’s new Agent, Clove, introduces an intriguing dynamic to gameplay by potentially surpassing the traditional kill limit per round. While achieving eight kills may be challenging in practice, the addition of Clove opens up exciting possibilities for strategic innovation and gameplay diversity in Valorant.

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