Uma Makes History: Street Fighter 6’s First World Champion Wins $1 Million

Uma Makes History: Street Fighter 6’s First World Champion Wins $1 Million

27. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a whirlwind of skillful maneuvers from Taiwan, Wang “UMA” Yuan-hao emerged victorious in the Capcom Cup X finals, piloting Juri to the title and cementing his status as Street Fighter 6’s inaugural world champion. As a testament to his prowess, UMA walked away with a jaw-dropping $1 million in prize money.

From Obscurity to Triumph

Hailing from the World Warrior Circuit, UMA entered the Capcom Cup X with relatively little global recognition, having primarily competed in online tournaments like the InterContinental Fight Club since the inception of SF6.

However, his lack of international exposure did not hinder his performance as he dominated his group-stage matchups and emerged triumphant in the finals.

UMA becomes instant millionaire

Upsets and Dominance

Capcom Cup’s playoffs were rife with upsets this year, with prominent players such as NuckleDu and reigning champion MenaRD bowing out in the first round. Amidst the chaos, UMA stood out by defeating formidable opponents and securing his place in the finals.

The Path to Victory

During his remarkable run, UMA dropped just one playoff set, facing off against Chris Wong in the grand finals. After a convincing 3-0 win by Chris Wong, resetting the bracket, UMA retaliated with a decisive sweep to claim the title.

A Historic Win

UMA’s victory marked a historic moment in the FGC community, as he became the first player to win $1 million in a Street Fighter tournament. With only four Juri players in the competition, UMA showcased exceptional skill and strategy in a field dominated by other characters.

Future of Capcom Cup

Despite initial criticisms surrounding the event’s structure, Capcom Cup X received positive feedback for showcasing high-level SF6 gameplay. Building on the excitement, Capcom announced that Capcom Cup IX will also feature a $1 million grand prize, ensuring continued excitement and competition within the FGC community.

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As UMA raises the trophy and the FGC celebrates a new milestone, the legacy of Street Fighter 6’s inaugural world champion is etched in history.