Breaking Down the Tekken World Tour 2024: Format, Schedule, and More

Breaking Down the Tekken World Tour 2024: Format, Schedule, and More

21. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Bandai Namco has unveiled the highly anticipated Tekken World Tour 2024, featuring their latest release, Tekken 8. With a revamped format and exciting changes, the tournament promises to deliver thrilling gameplay and intense competition for fans worldwide. 

The Format: Offline Events and Dojo Competitions

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One significant shift in the 2024 Tekken World Tour is the transition to offline events exclusively. This decision aims to provide equal opportunities for players worldwide, acknowledging that not all competitors can afford extensive travel to participate in tournaments.

The tour will feature in-person events across various locations globally, fostering a competitive environment for players of all backgrounds.

A novel addition to the tour is the introduction of Dojo events, open to all players. These regional competitions allow participants to earn points towards both regional and global leaderboards. Dojo submissions for locations will open in late March, offering aspiring players a chance to showcase their skills and climb the rankings.

Regional Restriction and Qualification Paths

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To ensure fairness and integrity, players are restricted to competing in only one region, preventing them from participating in multiple regions simultaneously. This measure aims to maintain competitive balance and prevent unfair advantages in the qualification process.

The road to the Tekken World Tour Finals 2024 offers two distinct paths for players to qualify. Firstly, players can secure their spot through the Global leaderboard, where points from Master+, Master, Challenger, and Dojo events contribute to rankings.

Additionally, the #1 ranked player from each region, determined by participation in regional Dojo events, will earn a direct qualification to the finals.

Upcoming Events and Registration Details

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The Tekken World Tour 2024 kicks off with the first of two Masters+ events in Tokyo, hosted at the Ariake Gym-EX from April 27-29. This event marks the beginning of the journey towards the World Tour finals and presents players with an opportunity to accumulate crucial points early in the season.

Registration for the inaugural event is currently open and will close on March 22nd. Players eager to showcase their Tekken prowess on the global stage must seize this opportunity and secure their spots before the deadline.

Anticipation Builds for the Tekken World Tour 2024

As the Tekken community eagerly awaits the commencement of the 2024 World Tour, anticipation is at an all-time high. With a revamped format, offline events, and the introduction of Dojo competitions, the tournament promises to deliver unparalleled excitement and fierce competition.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as the journey towards the Tekken World Tour Finals unfolds.

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