Twitch Launches New Anti-Toxicity Tool for Moderators and Streamers

Twitch Launches New Anti-Toxicity Tool for Moderators and Streamers

6. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Twitch has rolled out a new tool to combat toxicity in chat, aiming to create a healthier environment for streamers and their communities.

Twitch’s New Anti-Toxicity Tool: Chat Warnings

Twitch has introduced a new feature called Chat Warnings. This tool is designed to help streamers and their moderators manage problematic users without resorting to immediate bans.

Key Features of Chat Warnings

  1. Warnings Instead of Bans: Instead of issuing a direct ban, moderators and streamers can now send warnings to users who are violating chat rules.
  2. Customizable Warnings: The tool offers several options for warnings:
    • No Backseat Gaming: Warn users who are trying to guide the streamer through the game, including giving spoilers.
    • Respect Other Users: Remind users to respect fellow chat participants for various reasons.
    • Custom Reasons: Moderators can specify custom reasons for warnings, such as insults, spam, or other toxic behaviors.


How to Use Chat Warnings

Using Chat Warnings is straightforward. Moderators and streamers can issue a warning by typing /Warn "username" in the chat or by clicking on the username and selecting “Warn.” This sends a warning window to the user, helping to curb negative behavior without immediate penalties.

Twitch Subscription Price Increase

In addition to the Chat Warnings tool, Twitch has announced a price increase for subscriptions in several countries, including Spain. Starting July 11, the price for a Tier 1 subscription in Spain will rise to €4.99, up from the previous price.


Impact on Streamers and Viewers

The subscription price increase raises questions about how it will affect the number of subscribers and streamers’ earnings. Monitoring the impact on subscription numbers and overall revenue will be crucial in the coming months.

Benefits of the New Anti-Toxicity Tool

Chat Warnings aim to reduce toxicity by providing a gentler approach to moderation. This tool is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Prevents Immediate Bans: Users receive a warning before facing more severe consequences, which can help educate and reform behavior.
  • Supports Moderators: Moderators often use a “three warnings” system—an initial warning, a timeout, and finally a ban. Chat Warnings streamline this process.
  • Customizable Options: The ability to specify reasons for warnings ensures that users understand what behavior is unacceptable.


Example Use Cases

  • No Backseat Gaming: A user repeatedly gives unsolicited game advice, spoiling the experience for others. A warning can be issued to remind them to let the streamer play without interference.
  • Respect Other Users: A user is being disrespectful towards others in the chat. A warning can help remind them to maintain a respectful tone.
  • Custom Reasons: A user is spamming or using offensive language. A custom warning can address the specific issue.


To issue a warning, simply:

  • Type: /Warn "username"
  • Click: On the username in the chat and select “Warn.”

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Final Toughts

Twitch’s new Chat Warnings tool is a significant step towards making the platform a safer and more enjoyable space for everyone. By providing a way to address negative behavior without immediate bans, Twitch is supporting both moderators and streamers in maintaining a positive community.