La Velada Del Año IV: Fights, Schedules, and Everything You Need to Know About Ibai’s Major Event

La Velada Del Año IV: Fights, Schedules, and Everything You Need to Know About Ibai’s Major Event

9. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Ibai Llanos’ highly anticipated Night of the Year IV is almost here, promising an unforgettable event for the Twitch community. Here’s everything you need to know about the event, including fight schedules, participants, and where to watch.

What is Night of the Year?

Night of the Year is an annual event organized by popular Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos. What started as a simple boxing match between influencers has evolved into a massive spectacle, featuring a mix of combat sports and entertainment. The event has grown each year, with the fourth edition set to be the biggest yet.


Event Details

  • Date: July 13, 2024
  • Venue: Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid, Spain

Fight Card

This year’s event includes a variety of match types, from traditional one-on-one bouts to tag team matches and a unique “King of the Ring” format.

Individual Matches

  1. Carreraaa vs. Agustin51
  2. Guanyar vs. La Cobra
  3. ViruzZ vs. Shelao
  4. YoSoyPlex vs. ElMariana

Tag Team Match

  • Zeling and Nissaxter vs. Alana and Amablitz

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King of the Ring Participants

  • Robertocein
  • Aldo Geo
  • Folagor
  • Karchez
  • Pelicanger
  • Peldanyos
  • Unicornio
  • Skain
  • Sezar Blue
  • Will

Schedule and Streaming Information

The event will be streamed live on Ibai’s Twitch channel. Here are the start times for different regions:

  • Mexico: 8:30 AM
  • Colombia: 9:30 AM
  • Peru: 9:30 AM
  • USA: 10:30 AM
  • Chile: 10:30 AM
  • Argentina: 11:30 AM
  • Brazil: 11:30 AM
  • Spain: 4:30 PM

How to Watch

You can watch the Night of the Year IV live on Ibai Llanos’ Twitch channel. Make sure to follow the channel and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any part of the action.

Featured Musical Performances

Velada del año 4 hora México

Adding to the excitement, this year’s event will feature performances from several top artists, ensuring an evening full of entertainment. Performers include:

  • Julieta Venegas
  • David Bisbal
  • Anuel AA
  • Nicky Jam
  • Young Miko
  • Bizarrap


The Night of the Year IV is set to be a landmark event with thrilling fights and top-tier entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of boxing or just looking for a great show, this event is not to be missed. Be sure to tune in on July 13th for an unforgettable experience.