EA FC 24 TOTS: Everything You Need to Know About Team Of The Season 2024

EA FC 24 TOTS: Everything You Need to Know About Team Of The Season 2024

22. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Team of the Season 2024 (TOTS 2024) has arrived in EA SPORTS FC 24 with a plethora of exciting updates across the main modes of Football Ultimate Team.

Red TOTS items have made a return as rewards in Champions, Squad Battles, and Rivals, offering players the chance to acquire red versions of the best footballers each week, including Moments TOTS, TOTS Live, and TOTS Plus players.

Authenticity and Collaboration

This year, there has been a special focus on authenticity, with the collaboration of EA experts, individual domestic leagues, and Stats Perform from Opta to create the TOTS squad selections. In addition to visual appearance, TOTS players are recognized for their statistics, adding an extra level of realism to the game.

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Introducing TOTS Live

One of the most prominent innovations is the introduction of TOTS Live, a special category of dynamic items that can improve based on the reallife performance of their clubs at the end of the season. These items offer players the excitement of closely following the performance of their favorite footballers in the real world and seeing how it is reflected in the virtual game.

TOTS Plus Chemistry

Starting from April 26, 2024, certain selected items will feature TOTS Plus chemistry, making it easier to integrate them into players’ squads and promising greater strategic variety in team building.

The TOTS 2024 in EA SPORTS FC 24 marks a significant evolution in the world of virtual football by offering a more authentic experience than ever before. With the inclusion of enhanced authenticity measures and the introduction of TOTS Live and TOTS Plus, players can anticipate a season full of action and surprises in Football Ultimate Team.

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TOTS 2024 in EA FC 24 marks a significant step forward in virtual football gaming, offering enhanced authenticity with features like TOTS Live and TOTS Plus. Players can expect an exciting season ahead, filled with dynamic gameplay and strategic team-building opportunities.