Nicolas99 and His Demanding Motivation: “I’m Quite Motivated Knowing That If I Lose a Match I’m Out”

Nicolas99 and His Demanding Motivation: “I’m Quite Motivated Knowing That If I Lose a Match I’m Out”

16. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Following his remarkable victory at the FC Pro CUP in San Sebastián, professional EA FC player Nicolas Villalba shares his triumph and his approach to upcoming challenges.

A Week of Surprises

A week after the thrilling conclusion of the LaLiga FC Pro Cup in San Sebastián, fans are still reeling from the unexpected turn of events. Sevilla’s player, Nicolas99, astounded everyone by defeating the competition favorite, Neat, with a resounding final score of 1-8.

This victory underscored the undeniable talent of national teams in the tournament. Nicolas99 reveals that his strategy was crystal clear: to approach the weekend without any margin for error.

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Embracing the Pressure

Nicolas99 thrives on the strategy of having no room for error, stating, “I like it when it’s all or nothing. Motivates me knowing that if I lose a match I’m out, and in this case, I managed to advance round after round until reaching the final.

A Final to Remember

The final match between Sevilla and Valladolid ended in a stunning 1-8 victory for Nicolas99‘s team. Despite the overwhelming outcome, Nicolas confesses that facing Neat in the final was the greatest challenge, emphasizing the need to perform at 100%.

Despite a less than ideal start to the competition, Nicolas99 is satisfied with his overall performance, attributing his success to his mindset of leaving past struggles behind and focusing on the present tournament.

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Facing Future Challenges

Looking ahead to upcoming events, Nicolas99 approaches the end of the season with the same determination. He acknowledges the pressure of achieving his goal of qualifying for his seventh World Cup but remains committed to giving his all.

Nicolas99 believes that his victory in San Sebastián will keep his rivals on high alert and has revitalized his confidence after a challenging start to the season. He anticipates that his opponents will need to elevate their game to match his level of play.

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Nicolas99’s demanding motivation and unwavering commitment to success serve as inspiration for aspiring esports athletes. His victory in San Sebastián demonstrates the power of determination and resilience in overcoming obstacles.

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