Top Changes in LoL Patch 14.6: Galio Revamp, Smolder Nerfs, and Karma Mid-Lane Adjustments

Top Changes in LoL Patch 14.6: Galio Revamp, Smolder Nerfs, and Karma Mid-Lane Adjustments

18. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

With the imminent release of League of Legends Patch 14.6, the game is poised for some substantial balance adjustments affecting over a dozen champions. While numerous champions will undergo direct buffs, nerfs, and tweaks, three champions stand out due to the magnitude of changes they are receiving.

Galio Receives a Complete Facelift

wp galio commando

The most significant changes in Patch 14.6 are reserved for Galio, who is undergoing a total revamp of his core abilities. These adjustments include nerfs to the AP ratios and scaling damage rates of his passive, Q, W, and E.

However, to balance these changes, Galio will receive an attack speed buff and a portion of his passive’s cooldown refunded upon striking an enemy champion or epic monster.


Smolder Endures Another Round of Nerfs

Base Smolder Final

Smolder, a dominant force in the League meta since his release, is set to receive further nerfs in Patch 14.6. These changes aim to reduce his effectiveness as a damage dealer, particularly in the late game.

Notably, the threshold attached to his Super Scorcher Breath (Q) has been reduced, and the scaling benefit from his passive has been removed entirely. Additionally, adjustments to his W and E abilities will make it harder for him to land hits and reduce his mobility.

Riot’s Efforts to Shift Karma Out of Mid Lane

Karma 26

Karma’s transition from a support to a formidable mid laner has caught Riot’s attention, prompting measures to discourage her dominance in the mid lane.

Patch 14.6 introduces adjustments to her mana costs and cooldowns, aiming to curb her ability to spam abilities and deal consistent damage. While these changes may diminish her effectiveness in the mid lane, Riot is incentivizing players to revert to using Karma as a support by increasing her mana regeneration.


These changes are scheduled to go live with League of Legends Patch 14.6 on March 20, heralding a significant shift in the game’s meta landscape.

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