LoL Patch 14.5: The Support with the Highest Winrate You Should Play Right Now to Climb Your Elo

LoL Patch 14.5: The Support with the Highest Winrate You Should Play Right Now to Climb Your Elo

15. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends, one support champion has risen to prominence without any direct changes—Janna. With an impressive 53-percent win rate across all ranks, Janna has become the go-to pick for support mains looking to climb the ranks and elevate their gameplay.

Understanding Janna’s Resurgence

Despite remaining untouched by recent patches, Janna’s resurgence can be attributed to indirect factors, particularly Riot Games’ efforts to address the increasing strength of champions like Maokai. As the meta shifted, Janna’s versatility and adaptability allowed her to thrive in various matchups and team compositions.

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Adaptation and Experimentation

At the onset of the 2024 season, Janna underwent an identity change, prompting players to experiment with different builds and playstyles. While traditionally known for her defensive capabilities, players began exploring builds that emphasized Janna’s damage output, transforming her into a more aggressive threat on the Rift.

Exploiting Meta Shifts

The rise of champions like Maokai and the introduction of items such as Trailblazer and Solstice Sleigh created opportunities for Janna to excel. With increased mobility and utility, Janna became adept at punishing opponents attempting to disengage, further solidifying her position in the support meta.

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Optimal Builds and Items

Janna’s ideal support item, Zak’Zak’s Realmspike, enhances her poking abilities and complements her playstyle as a damage-oriented support. Combined with buffs to her W and passive, Janna’s kit allows her to exert significant pressure in lane and control teamfights with ease.

Professional Play and Future Prospects

While Janna has yet to make a significant impact in professional play, her dominance in solo queue remains undeniable. With Patch 14.6 on the horizon, Riot Games may intervene if Janna’s performance becomes too dominant. However, her current low pick and ban rates suggest a balanced state that may not warrant immediate changes.


Final Thoughts

As League of Legends continues to evolve, champions like Janna demonstrate the importance of adaptability and innovation in maintaining relevance in the ever-changing meta.

Whether you’re a seasoned support main or looking to expand your champion pool, Janna’s resurgence in Patch 14.5 makes her a formidable choice for climbing the ranks and achieving success on the Rift.

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