Top 5 Best Songs and International Event Performances in LoL

Top 5 Best Songs and International Event Performances in LoL

1. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The pre-world championship songs of League of Legends are iconic moments, and we’ll review some of the most outstanding in the game’s history.

Every October marks a special time for League of Legends players as the Worlds championship begins—a gathering of the world’s best teams and one of the industry’s most significant esports competitions.

Before each Worlds event, Riot Games releases a song that serves as the tournament’s anthem. In the 2023 edition, the popular Kpop band NewJeans was chosen to create the song, with GODS already making its debut. Typically, these musical pieces are accompanied by a video clip that narrates iconic events from League of Legends esports.

In the case of GODS, the video tells the story of Deft, a South Korean ADC player who won the 2022 Worlds with his team DRX. Through stunning animations, his ten-year career journey from high school to multiple world championships is portrayed.

Creating narratives is fundamental in esports, and Riot Games excels at it with League of Legends. The songs released for each Worlds are special for players and esports fans alike. Let’s now revisit some of the most iconic ones.

Top 5 Best Songs

5 – STAR WALKIN’ – Lil Nas X (2022)

The 2022 Worlds song was a significant milestone for Riot Games due to the involvement of artist Lil Nas X. He not only performed the song but was heavily featured in the video and conducted various marketing campaigns, including a fun video where he pretended to be the game’s president.

The video narrative highlights prominent players from top teams competing at Worlds, emphasizing how fans passionately support their favorite teams and players.

4 – Take Over – Jeremy McKinnon, MAX, and Henry (2020)

Faker returns to the video, this time as a coach mentoring a young League of Legends prodigy. Through stunning cinematics, Take Over revisits all past Worlds championships.

Each time the young player enters the digital world, he engages in battles against players representing past championship-winning teams using characters they used in the finals. The story culminates with the young player surpassing legends and reaching the Worlds final.

3 – Phoenix – Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza (2019)

This video features three League of Legends competitive legends: Faker, Caps, and Rookie. The highlight of the video is these players facing their own alter egos, depicting internal struggles, fears, and pressures experienced by professional players.

The animation design is characteristic of Riot Games, and although the players appear in the video, their internal battles are represented through champions they were known for at the time, such as Karma for Faker, Irelia for Caps, and Lissandra for Rookie.

2 – Legends Never Die – Against The Current (2017)

Legends Never Die is an undisputed classic in the League of Legends community. Unlike Warriors, it focuses on an emotive theme, encouraging players not to give up and keep fighting for their dreams.

The song gained more significance over time as the esports scene grew, with various narratives unfolding in Worlds and regional leagues, including defeats, victories, comebacks, and even retirements.

1 – Warriors – Imagine Dragons (2014)

This was the first song released before a Worlds event and, for many, remains the best. The production was a massive success, heightened by the surprise involvement of renowned band Imagine Dragons. Warriors touched the hearts of all League of Legends players of that era with its melody and video clip.

The song became a game classic to the extent that six years later, a new version performed by 2WEI and Edda Hayes kicked off the 2020 competitive season. This new video showcased small stories of some in-game characters, continuing the tradition established by its predecessor.


In conclusion, the League of Legends Worlds songs are not just music—they are part of the game’s history, conveying emotions and narratives that resonate deeply with players and fans alike. Each release marks a momentous occasion in esports, blending music and storytelling to celebrate the spirit of competition and passion for the game.

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