MSI 2024: No Anthem for the First Time and Riot’s Decision Explained

MSI 2024: No Anthem for the First Time and Riot’s Decision Explained

30. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Since 2019, the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) has been synonymous with its own anthem—a musical celebration of the event’s spirit. However, this year marks a departure from tradition as Riot Games has opted not to release a custom anthem for MSI 2024, a decision that has sparked discussion and curiosity among fans worldwide.

Reasons Behind the Decision

In a surprising move, Riot Games recently announced that MSI 2024 will not feature a dedicated anthem, breaking a streak that began in 2019. Riot emphasized a shift in focus towards delivering an exceptional broadcast experience for fans globally. This decision reflects Riot’s commitment to enhancing the overall viewer experience during the tournament.

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Impact of Past MSI Anthems

Previous MSI anthems have garnered significant attention, albeit not matching the popularity of World Championship anthems. On platforms like YouTube and Spotify, these anthems have amassed millions of views and listens, becoming an integral part of MSI’s identity.

Despite their lower reach compared to Worlds anthems, MSI’s musical offerings have added depth and vibrancy to the event, especially following the neoncolored rebrand in 2020.

Enhanced Broadcast Experience and Opening Ceremony

In lieu of an anthem, Riot promises a captivating broadcast experience for MSI 2024, with coverage in over 19 languages through co-streams.

Fans can anticipate an electrifying opening ceremony that will showcase League of Legends professionals in a dazzling display. Last year’s grand finals featured a dynamic blend of live performance and dance routines, complementing the event’s thematic elements.

Empyrean Nocturne LoL

Neon Strata Returns: Empyrean Skins

Although there won’t be a new skin line introduced for MSI 2024, Riot has reintroduced the Neon Strata theme with six new Empyrean skins. These skins align perfectly with the vibrant color scheme of the tournament, offering players a chance to immerse themselves in the MSI experience through in-game cosmetics.

Tournament Kickoff and Schedule

MSI 2024 kicks off in Chengdu, China on May 1 at 3am CT. The opening matches feature FlyQuest facing off against PSG Talon, followed by Estral Esports challenging the reigning 2023 world champions, T1. This lineup sets the stage for an exciting start to the international competitive season.

MSI 2024 Favorites: Gen.G, BLG, and T1 Lead the Charge


In summary, the absence of an anthem at MSI 2024 marks a significant departure from tradition, reflecting Riot’s commitment to redefining the viewer experience.

Despite the omission, fans can expect a thrilling broadcast and engaging opening ceremony, along with the return of the Neon Strata theme through new Empyrean skins. As MSI begins, the focus shifts to the action on the Rift and the global celebration of League of Legends esports.