TFT Guide: Mastering the Super Gnar with Dryads Composition

TFT Guide: Mastering the Super Gnar with Dryads Composition

7. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the latest TFT patch, 14.7, one of the most effective compositions for climbing ranks easily is the Gnar reroll with Dryads. Commonly referred to as “Super Gnar,” this composition revolves around rolling for Gnar and Kindred three-stars. Let’s break down the composition and provide tips to help you dominate your TFT matches.

Early Game Strategy

While all compositions can be forced, it’s best to play this composition when:

  • We receive the Plushie (Dryad) buff or Dryad emblem in phase 2-1.
  • Key components are available (swords, bows, armors).
  • Gnar or Kindred appear in the early rounds (1-2 to 2-5, essential to activate synergy early).
  • No one has Gnar or Kindred, or Dryad buffs.

In the early game, consider the following:

  • Prioritize losing streaks to generate economy.
  • Focus on item and champion priorities in the carousel.
  • Reach level 5 by phase 2-7.
  • Transition with low-cost champions like Rek Sai, Kha’Zix, Malphite, or Shen.

image 23

Mid Game Tactics

In the mid-game, aim to reach level 6 by phase 3-2 and:

  • Roll for Gnar, Kindred, and a two-star tank.
  • Stabilize your economy while maintaining tempo.
  • Continue rolling above 50 gold until Gnar and Kindred reach three stars.

Additionally, prioritize combat or reroll buffs. In the late game, after achieving Gnar and Kindred at three stars:

  • Advance to level 8 to find Ornn or Azir to complete the 4 Dryads synergy.
  • Swap Kayn for Kha’Zix to temporarily activate the four Shadows synergy.

image 24

Standard Board at Level 8

Once your board is stable at level 8, the next step is to:

  • Reach level 9 to include all six Dryads if you have a spatula.
  • Without a spatula, swap Shen and Aatrox for Sylas and Udyr to strengthen your board.
  • If you lack a spatula, consider adding a legendary unit (preferably Hwei or Lissandra) as your ninth unit at level 9.

image 27

Final Board at Level 9 without Spatula

This setup ensures you can dominate TFT matches with Gnar and Kindred. For advanced positioning tips:

  • Prevent Lissandra or Sett from colliding with Gnar.
  • Position Gnar where there are few enemies to reach the backline carries.
  • Place Shen next to Gnar to provide damage reduction.

image 25


By following these strategies and positioning tips, you’ll have the tools to excel with the Super Gnar with Dryads composition in TFT. Elevate your gameplay, dominate the competition, and climb the ranks with ease.

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