TFT Developers Working on More Unique Artifacts for Set 11: Opening Doors to “Wild Possibilities”

TFT Developers Working on More Unique Artifacts for Set 11: Opening Doors to “Wild Possibilities”

3. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games is shaking up the design of Teamfight Tactics Artifact items, with game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealing exciting changes in a Twitter post on April 2. These adjustments promise to introduce “wild possibilities” during TFT games.

Evolution of Artifact Items

Items play a crucial role in TFT gameplay, and significant changes were introduced during Set 9.5 by categorizing them into Core, Support, and Artifact groups. Set 10 continued this evolution, providing flexibility in equipping champions. Now, Patch 14.9 is set to revolutionize Artifact items, offering players even more diverse gameplay experiences.

TFT Udyr

Introducing New TFT Artifacts

Led by set game designer Riot Wittrock, the TFT Set 11 Artifact system changes aim to introduce four new, unique Artifacts. These items are scheduled to debut in Patch 14.9 on May 1, offering players exciting new strategies and playstyles.

New TFT Artifact: Corrupt Vampiric Scepter

  • Artifact Ability: “This holder cannot cast their ability or gain mana. Attacks deal an additional 50 percent attack damage as physical damage and heal the holder for the damage dealt.”

New TFT Artifact: Fishbones

  • Artifact Ability: “Doubles the holder’s attack range, and causes each of their attacks to target a random enemy.”

New TFT Artifact: Innervating Locket

  • Artifact Ability: “The holder gains two percent of their total mana whenever they’re hit by an attack. Each cast restores 20 percent of the holder’s maximum health over three seconds.”

New TFT Artifact: Mittens

  • Artifact Ability: “Shrinks the holder, granting them increased movement speed and 20 percent damage reduction.”


Embracing Uniqueness

Each of these new TFT Artifacts is intentionally designed to be distinct from Core items, promising diverse gameplay experiences.

For instance, Fishbones can transform a melee carry into a formidable short-range champion, capable of targeting both backline and frontline enemies simultaneously. Meanwhile, Mittens offer both utility and cuteness, providing increased movement speed and damage reduction.

Patch 14.9: Mark Your Calendar

Players can anticipate the arrival of these exciting changes in Patch 14.9 on May 1. With the introduction of four new Artifacts, TFT enthusiasts can explore innovative strategies and embrace the “wild possibilities” awaiting them in Set 11.

TFT Set 11 KaiSa


Prepare for the arrival of Patch 14.9 in Teamfight Tactics, featuring unique Artifact items set to revolutionize gameplay in Set 11. Mark your calendar for May 1 and get ready to explore the diverse strategies and possibilities these new Artifacts bring to the battlefield.

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