TFT Patch 14.7 Notes: What’s Changing in Set 11

TFT Patch 14.7 Notes: What’s Changing in Set 11

2. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games is gearing up to implement changes that will shake up the meta in Teamfight Tactics with the upcoming version, marking the first significant balance adjustment for Set 11 and impacting a myriad of compositions.

The release of Set 11 in Teamfight Tactics has been met with widespread acclaim from the gaming community, with many praising the balanced meta introduced by the new set.

However, recent gameplay reveals that certain aspects of TFT are overpowered, prompting Riot Games, led by Mortdog, to make sweeping changes to the current meta with the upcoming Patch 14.7.

While Mortdog has released a video analyzing all the changes in TFT Patch 14.7, we’ll provide you with a concise summary of what’s in store for TFT on April 3rd.

Patch 14.7 Notes for Teamfight Tactics

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Image via Riot Games.

Changes to Portals

  • Portals: The training dummy in Portals now transforms into two Golems that are slightly stronger than the dummy. This adjustment applies to all Dummy Portals.

Rewards and Encounter Adjustments

  • Orbs of Enlightenment in Stage 2 now offer slightly improved rewards.
  • Tier 4 champion tokens at three stars receive a bonus of 1000 health, up from 500.

Encounter Changes

  • Encounters for Sett, Bard, Lillia, Cho’Gath, and Rakan will occur less frequently.
  • Duration of encounters for Sett, Sivir, and Tristana has been reduced.
  • Gold reward for Aatrox encounter reduced from 10 to 8.
  • Adjustments made to Alune encounter, with buffs and nerfs to health and attack speed based on champion costs.
  • Nerfs to Tahm Kench and Teemo encounters.
Yordle Captain

Image via Riot Games.

Trait and Synergy Adjustments

  • Various adjustments made to traits and synergies, including Altruists, Arcanists, Artists, Fortune, Ghostly, Heavenly, Reaper, InkShadow, and Storyweaver.

Champion Changes

Significant adjustments made to champions across all costs, including changes to abilities, stats, and bonuses.

Item Adjustments

Changes to various items, including Gargoyle Stoneplate, Gunblade, Ionic Spark, Morellonomicon, Sterak’s Gage, Aegis of the Legion, and Zz’Rot Portal.

This comprehensive patch brings substantial changes to Teamfight Tactics, promising to shake up the meta and offer players fresh strategies and compositions to explore. Keep an eye out for further updates and announcements as the TFT landscape evolves with Patch 14.7.


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