Team Liquid Dominates IEM Chengdu: Secures Top Spot in Playoffs

Team Liquid Dominates IEM Chengdu: Secures Top Spot in Playoffs

9. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The latest iteration of Team Liquid is proving to be a force to be reckoned with at IEM Chengdu, showcasing their prowess in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) scene. With impressive victories and a newfound sense of momentum, Liquid has set their sights on claiming the championship title.

Stellar Performances Lead to Playoff Qualification

Team Liquid’s journey to the IEM Chengdu playoffs began with decisive victories over HEROIC and G2 on April 8. The revamped roster, featuring players such as CadiaN, Twistzz, and skullz, along with coach zews, displayed exceptional teamwork and skill, securing their place in the playoffs.

team liquid grab a playoff spot at iem chengdu 04 08 2024

A New Chapter for Liquid CS:GO

The current Liquid lineup represents a fresh start for the organization, with a renewed focus on success in the CS:GO competitive scene. Despite facing challenges in previous tournaments, the team’s performance at IEM Chengdu demonstrates their ability to overcome adversity and compete at the highest level.

The Rise of Twistzz

Among the standout performers for Team Liquid is Twistzz, whose exceptional fragging abilities have propelled the team forward. With an impressive HLTV rating and a positive K/D difference, Twistzz has emerged as a key player in Liquid’s quest for victory at IEM Chengdu.

CadiaN Team Liquid CS2 player 968x544 1

Looking Ahead

With their qualification for the IEM Chengdu playoffs secured, Team Liquid now sets their sights on the next phase of the tournament. As they prepare to face formidable opponents in the coming matches, Liquid remains focused and determined to emerge victorious.


As Team Liquid continues their journey at IEM Chengdu, fans eagerly await to see if they can maintain their momentum and claim the championship title. Stay tuned for more updates on their quest for success in the world of CS:GO!

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