Team Liquid’s Struggles Raise Concerns Among CS2 Fans After IEM Dallas Qualifiers

Team Liquid’s Struggles Raise Concerns Among CS2 Fans After IEM Dallas Qualifiers

27. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Team Liquid barely navigated through the opening day of the IEM Dallas 2024 North American closed qualifiers on Feb. 25, prompting worries among CS2 enthusiasts about the team’s prospects moving forward.

High Expectations, Underwhelming Performance

Despite boasting a lineup featuring superstar additions like cadiaN, Twistzz, and skullz, Team Liquid faced a challenging start in the closed qualifiers. Falling short against Nouns in a 1-2 defeat followed by a narrow victory against Wildcard, Liquid’s performance left fans questioning their ability to dominate North American tournaments as anticipated.

NAF Liquid Paris Major

Concerns Among Fans

Disappointed fans took to discussions, expressing concerns over Liquid’s current form and future prospects. Criticisms ranged from simple mistakes, such as missed bomb defuses, to strategic decisions, including the allocation of the AWP to cadiaN, who struggled to make an impact in both series.


Managing Expectations

While CS2 fans had high hopes for Liquid’s success, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges of transitioning from online performances to offline competitions. Despite the star-studded lineup and the team’s tenure of almost three months, achieving consistency and meeting expectations remain ongoing challenges.

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Looking Ahead

With the IEM Dallas qualifiers ongoing, Liquid faces BOSS in the consolidation final on Feb. 26, with a potential rematch against Nouns looming.

However, the true test awaits Liquid in the upcoming PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major American RMR. Qualifying for the Major is imperative for Liquid to validate their potential and silence doubts surrounding their performance.

As Liquid navigates through these challenges, CS2 fans remain hopeful but cautious, aware of the team’s capabilities and the need to deliver on their promise in upcoming tournaments.

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