Team Liquid’s Offseason Rebuild Stumbles in CS2’s First Major Push

Team Liquid’s Offseason Rebuild Stumbles in CS2’s First Major Push

5. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Team Liquid’s efforts to rebuild for Counter-Strike 2’s inaugural Major have hit a stumbling block, with the international squad falling short in the American RMR final.

Complexity Sweeps Past Liquid in Final Hurdle

Despite an initial setback in map one, Complexity rallied to sweep the best-of-three series against Liquid, securing their spot in the Danish Major. The defeat marks the end of Liquid’s streak of eight consecutive Major appearances.

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A Devastating Blow to Liquid’s Young Roster

Led by ex-Heroic’s Casper “cadiaN” Møller, Liquid’s young roster, formed just three months ago amid a tumultuous offseason, faced significant challenges navigating through early regional qualifiers. Limited offline tournament experience and sporadic online qualifiers hindered their momentum.

Unexpected Challenges and Surprising Opposition

With five Major slots available and a formidable roster, Liquid was expected to qualify effortlessly. However, their unexpected loss to Complexity, a team recently reacquired by owner Jason Lake, highlights the unpredictability of the CS2 scene.

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Complexity’s Resilience and Sympathy for Liquid

Despite both teams losing a series to FURIA at the RMR, Complexity’s Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski expressed sympathy for Liquid in the post-match interview. He lamented the format and the unfortunate circumstances that pitted them against each other in the elimination game.

Uncertain Future for Team Liquid

The defeat raises questions about Liquid’s future trajectory. Formed from four separate CS:GO rosters, the team’s lack of offline experience and the need for cohesion pose significant challenges. While adjustments may be necessary, missing out on the Copenhagen Major could prompt sweeping changes within the organization.

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The Road Ahead

Despite the setback, Liquid is expected to compete in the BLAST Spring Showdown and the Skyesports Masters in India. These upcoming events offer opportunities for redemption and a chance to regroup for future challenges.

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