Team Heretics Surprises in VCT EMEA with Flawless Qualification for Masters Madrid

Team Heretics Surprises in VCT EMEA with Flawless Qualification for Masters Madrid

1. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In an unexpected turn of events at the 2024 VCT EMEA Kickoff event, Team Heretics has emerged as a formidable force, securing a spot in Masters Madrid with an impeccable performance. Despite initial skepticism from pro VALORANT enthusiasts, the youthful roster has defied expectations, showcasing exceptional skill and strategy without dropping a single map.

Dominating Performances

miniboo and benjyfishy heretics

Team Heretics has achieved all three of their victories in the EMEA Kickoff event with commanding 2-0 victories, demonstrating their prowess on the battlefield.


Their wins have been nothing short of impressive, notably defeating former VALORANT world champion cNed and the Turkish superteam on FUT, followed by dominant victories over Karmine Corp with 13-4 wins on both Split and Lotus. In the Kickoff playoffs, they faced their toughest challenge yet against the NAVI roster, led by Ardiis.

Despite the odds, Heretics emerged victorious, overcoming NAVI’s map choice of Sunset in overtime and securing a decisive win on NAVI’s own pick of Breeze.

Surpassing Expectations

Team Heretics Kickoff

Before the season commenced, prominent analysts, including members of Plat Chat and Thinking Man’s VALORANT, had placed Heretics towards the bottom of their respective power rankings due to the team’s lack of experience and the presence of a substitute player. However, the team has exceeded all expectations.


In-game leader Boo, the most experienced player on the team, has been instrumental, while his younger brother MiniBoo has emerged as a standout performer, leading all players at the event in ACS, damage per round, and first kills per round. MiniBoo also ranks second in K/D and kills per round, trailing only last year’s EMEA MVP, Alfajer.

Bright Future Ahead

Despite initial doubts, Team Heretics has surpassed expectations and is ahead of schedule in their journey. With the opportunity to claim three championship points in the Kickoff finals, they are poised to be formidable contenders at Masters Madrid. Furthermore, they are certain to be crowd favorites, receiving support from their home fans.

Stay tuned for more thrilling performances from Team Heretics as they continue to make waves in the competitive VALORANT scene.

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