VCT Americas Kickoff Playoffs: Dates, Times, and Matchups

VCT Americas Kickoff Playoffs: Dates, Times, and Matchups

29. February 2024 by Never

The VCT Americas Kickoff has reached its Playoff stage, and we’ve got all the essential information to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action. Despite the absence of Latin American teams in the race, the most significant Valorant competition in the region is heating up.

The VCT Americas Kickoff Playoffs are about to commence, deciding the contenders for the upcoming Masters in Madrid. Here, at CodigoEsports, we bring you the dates, times, and matchups, so you stay in the loop.

Tournament Overview

The competitive Valorant season recently kicked off, featuring the revamped Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) with its inaugural Tournament, known as Kickoff.

This regional tournament determines the league representatives for the Masters in Madrid. After days of intense battles, VCT Americas has identified the teams advancing to the Kickoff Playoffs. Unfortunately, both KRÜ Esports and Leviatán couldn’t make it to this stage. Fucsia faced defeat against G2 Esports, and Levianeta was eliminated by Sentinels.

Upcoming Playoffs Matches

Despite the setbacks, the competition presses on, promising several compelling matchups. The first Playoff match is scheduled for March 2nd, featuring a showdown between Evil Geniuses and LOUD starting at 16:00 / 17:00 / 19:00.


Following this clash, Sentinels will go head-to-head against NRG on the other side of the bracket. Winners of each duel secure direct qualification for the Masters in Madrid. Finally, the Grand Final, set for March 3rd at 16:00 / 17:00 / 19:00, will be a best-of-five match. This not only determines the VCT Americas champion but also establishes each team’s seed for the Masters.

VCT Americas Kickoff Nears Its Thrilling Finale for a Spectacular Showdown on Valorant Esports

Everything is set for the thrilling conclusion of the VCT Americas Kickoff, ensuring a spectacular show. To catch all the Playoff action, tune in to Valorant Esports.