New Multiversus Event: Team Batman vs. Team Joker

New Multiversus Event: Team Batman vs. Team Joker

12. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Experience the epic rivalry from comic book lore brought to life in MultiVersus with the Team Batman vs. Team Joker event.

A brand-new event has landed in MultiVersus, featuring the showdown between Team Batman and Team Joker. Running from June 11 to June 19, this event introduces daily missions and incentives for sporting themed skins to maximize your team’s success.

Event Duration and Details

The Team Batman vs. Team Joker event spans from June 11 to June 19 in MultiVersus. Each day during this period, new missions will be available in the dedicated Missions tab. Completing these missions contributes points to your chosen team’s tally.

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Event Rewards

Participants in the event have the chance to unlock exclusive rewards based on their team’s performance. By completing missions and wearing Team Batman or Team Joker skins, you can earn points to unlock the following rewards:

  • Choosing Sides: 500 XP
  • Team Batman: 1,000 XP
  • Team Joker: 600 Fighter Currency
  • Unexpected Alliances: Jason Mask for Black Adam

Wearing event-specific skins during gameplay boosts the points you earn, enhancing your team’s chances of claiming victory.

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How to Participate

Engaging in the event is straightforward. Simply log in during the event dates, check the Missions tab for daily challenges, and complete them to earn points. There are no specific rules or queues to follow; you’re free to play your preferred game mode and fulfill mission objectives at your own pace.

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Join the action-packed Team Batman vs. Team Joker event in MultiVersus, where every mission completed and every skin worn counts towards unlocking exclusive rewards and celebrating this iconic rivalry.

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