Surprise at IEM Dallas: 9Z Team Defeats MOUZ to Secure Playoff Spot

Surprise at IEM Dallas: 9Z Team Defeats MOUZ to Secure Playoff Spot

28. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

9Z Team has once again made its mark in Counter-Strike by defeating MOUZ, the world’s top team, in their IEM Dallas debut. Following this, they also triumphed over Team Liquid, securing their place in the event’s playoffs.

The international Counter-Strike 2 tournament kicked off with excitement, and the Argentine organization aimed to make a significant impact. On Monday, 9Z Team made history by defeating MOUZ 13-9 in the opening match of IEM Dallas 2024.

9Z Team’s Historic Victory Over MOUZ

Starting from May 27th, the best teams from around the world gathered in North America for this edition of IEM Dallas. The region had its eyes on 9Z Team, who earned their spot by defeating FURIA in the South American qualifier final.

The lineup, consisting of HUASOPEEK, Martinez, dgt, buda, and max, was placed in Group A alongside Team Liquid, Complexity, G2 Esports, Falcons, Monte, Team Vitality, and MOUZ.

Their first match was against the European team MOUZ, the clear favorites as they currently hold the number one spot in the HLTV Rankings. However, the South Americans arrived in Dallas with a single goal: to make history.


Overcoming the Odds

Although La Violeta had achieved great feats in the past, their opponent on Monday was on a different level. Nonetheless, Max and his team stood strong and made a significant impact from the start on Nuke, the chosen map for this series.

On the CT side, 9Z effectively managed MOUZ’s advances, primarily due to the efforts of the Uruguayan players. This strong defense resulted in a 9-3 scoreline, setting them up well for the second half.

Despite winning the pistol round, the Europeans started to close the gap. On the T side, Buda’s performance was outstanding, contributing significantly to their team’s ability to secure the final 13-9 score with his 22 kills.


Securing Playoff Qualification Against Team Liquid

After their stunning victory over MOUZ, the Argentine organization aimed to continue surprising everyone in the international CS2 tournament. On Monday, 9Z Team achieved a 2-1 victory over Team Liquid in the Group Stage of IEM Dallas. This win ensured their spot in the playoffs, further cementing their historic run.

Despite Team Liquid’s formidable lineup, consisting of well-known and experienced players, 9Z Team took the lead by winning on Nuke, their map pick. Although they didn’t start strongly, they managed to come back and secure a 16-13 win in Overtime, thanks to an outstanding performance from Dgt, who achieved 29 kills.

The next map, Anubis, was Team Liquid’s pick, where they managed to equalize the series with a decisive CT side, winning 13-9. The final map, Dust II, saw 9Z Team take a minimal lead on the CT side before showcasing their best performance to close out the series with a tight 13-11 win.


9Z Team’s Path Forward

9Z Team continues to impress at IEM Dallas, having defeated Team Liquid to guarantee their playoff spot. Their next opponent will be Team Vitality on May 29th, where the top seed of the group will be determined.

Key Highlights from 9Z Team’s Performance:

  • Historic Win Over MOUZ: Defeating the top-ranked team with a score of 13-9 on Nuke.
  • Crucial Victory Against Team Liquid: Securing a 2-1 win in the Group Stage, including a critical overtime win on Nuke and a decisive performance on Dust II.
  • Outstanding Individual Performances: Notable contributions from players like Buda and Dgt, with key kills and strategic plays.




9Z Team’s remarkable journey at IEM Dallas showcases their resilience and skill, highlighting their ability to compete with and defeat some of the world’s best teams. As they prepare to face Team Vitality, fans and analysts alike will be eagerly watching to see if they can continue their historic run. Follow 9Z Team’s progress and catch all the action on Twitch.

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