Changes to Vertigo: The Overhaul of one of Counter Strike 2’s Most Controversial Maps

Changes to Vertigo: The Overhaul of one of Counter Strike 2’s Most Controversial Maps

27. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

VALVE surprises once again with a major update in Counter Strike 2, this time focusing on the Vertigo map. With the intention of improving the gaming experience and winning over the community, Vertigo has received a significant rework aimed at addressing player concerns.

Objective: Pleasing the Community

Vertigo has always been a topic of controversy in the Counter Strike 2 community. Its double-height design and unique layout have sparked endless debates about its viability as a competitive map. With this update, VALVE aims to change that perception and make Vertigo more accepted among players.

cs3 vert


Changes to Site A

One of the main focuses of the changes is on Vertigo’s Site A. Previously criticized for its imbalance and lack of strategic variety, Site A has been completely revised. New entrances have been added that connect key areas of the map, providing players with more tactical options and allowing for a more dynamic and balanced gameplay.

Vertigo A conector

Community Reception

While some players still advocate for the complete removal of Vertigo from the map pool, the majority of the community has received these changes positively. While full acceptance will take time, VALVE’s efforts to address player concerns are evident and appreciated.

Vertigo A

Impact on the Professional Scene

The overhaul of Vertigo will also have an impact on the professional Counter Strike 2 scene. The map will make its debut in official competitions at the upcoming IEM Dallas, where the world’s top teams will face off using the updated version of Counter Strike 2.

With these changes, Vertigo aims to find its place in the competitive map rotation and prove that it can offer an exciting and balanced gaming experience for players of all levels.

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