Street Fighter 6 Celebrates Its First Anniversary: Events, Items, and Patch Notes

Street Fighter 6 Celebrates Its First Anniversary: Events, Items, and Patch Notes

6. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Street Fighter 6 is celebrating its first anniversary with a host of exciting events and commemorative items.

Street Fighter 6 Anniversary Events

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  • Lucky Week

Lucky Week offers players the chance to earn double rewards in various game modes. Participate in fights and complete challenges to maximize your gains during this celebratory week.

  • Extreme Battle Tournament

Join the Extreme Battle Tournament and showcase your skills. Compete against other players for exclusive rewards and bragging rights.

  • Drive Ticket Rush

Drive Ticket Rush gives players the opportunity to earn additional Drive Tickets, which can be used to purchase special items in the game.

  • Shop Sale

Enjoy discounts on a variety of items in the Goods Shop. This limited-time sale is perfect for expanding your collection without breaking the bank.

  • Top Tier Street Voter

Vote for your favorite characters and moments from the past year. Winners will receive special recognition and rewards.

  • Challenger Screen Illustration Contest

Show off your artistic talent in the Challenger Screen Illustration Contest. Submit your best artwork for a chance to be featured in the game.

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Street Fighter 6 Anniversary Items

Goods Shop

The Goods Shop is stocked with new items to celebrate the anniversary. Key additions include:

  • Street Fighter 6 1st Anniversary Fighting Pass: A special pass that grants access to exclusive content.
  • Outfit 1 Color 10 and Colors 3 to 10 Bundle for 18 characters: New color options for the original 18 characters.
  • Emotes: 12 new emotes to express yourself in-game.
  • Avatar Gear: New gear and color variations, including:
    • Hacker Panda Backpack
    • Spray Pouch
    • Corset Top color variations
    • Detective’s Holster color variations
    • Urban Runner Bottom color variations
    • Urban Runner Shoes color variations

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Battle Hub Updates

The Battle Hub has received a significant update to enhance the gaming experience:

Background Music

  • 11 CAP-JAMS arrangements
  • Bits & Beats Shogo Sakai collaboration track

Challenge Customizations

  • 3 new effects with 3 color options each
  • 3 themes with 3 color options each


  • 7 new Avatar series stickers


  • Emblem Parts: 8 types
  • Introductory Flyer Background: 4 types
  • Club Uniform: 2 types

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Final Toughts

Celebrate the first anniversary of Street Fighter 6 by participating in the various events and collecting the exclusive items. The updates to the Battle Hub and the addition of new customization options ensure that the game continues to evolve and provide a dynamic experience for all players.