Street Fighter 6: Major Update Introduces Akuma and New Final Boss Mode

Street Fighter 6: Major Update Introduces Akuma and New Final Boss Mode

22. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Get ready for a new challenge in Street Fighter 6 as the game receives a major update, introducing the fearsome Akuma as a playable character. This update also features a fresh limited-time mode where players can take on Akuma as a raid boss in the Battle Hub.

Akuma Joins the Fight

Starting from May 22, players can enter the Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub on any platform and experience the new Giant Attack event. The center platform now boasts a giant hologram of Akuma, signaling his dominant presence in the game. This event requires players to collaborate online to defeat a special boss version of Akuma.

Street Fighter 6 Giant Akuma


New Giant Attack Event

In the Giant Attack event, players must head over to an open arcade cabinet and challenge SiRN Akuma. Be prepared, as this powered-up version of Akuma is designed to test your skills to the limit. Think of it as channeling the intense vibes of Alpha One Akuma.

  • Objective: Combine forces with other players to fire Hadokens at the giant Akuma in the Battle Hub until he’s defeated.
  • Reward: Progress far enough in the event, and you can unlock an extra color for Akuma.

This event marks the first Giant Attack in SF6, with Capcom planning to introduce more iterations in the future, featuring different characters and new arrivals. This will essentially serve as a dynamic, limited-time online game mode.

Akuma Street Fighter 6 raid

Final Year One DLC Fighter

With this update, Akuma is now available as the final DLC fighter from the Year One Character Pass, wrapping up the first season of content for Street Fighter 6. Alongside Akuma, Capcom has released the first major balance patch for the game, implementing buffs and nerfs for various characters.

Balance Patch Details

While the servers remain offline for maintenance until 2am CT on May 22, top players and content creators are already exploring the new changes. Significant updates include:

  • Blanka’s Overdrive Air Ball: This move is no longer advantageous when used on block, altering the strategy for Blanka players.

A comprehensive list of changes and patch notes is expected to be available soon, with this patch and Akuma being legal for the upcoming Combo Breaker event.


Key Features of the Update

  • Playable Akuma: Bringing intense new dynamics to the roster.
  • Giant Attack Event: Cooperative mode to defeat a powerful raid boss version of Akuma.
  • Balance Adjustments: Enhancements and reductions for various characters to ensure fair play.
  • New Content: Final DLC fighter and new cosmetic unlocks.

Final Toughts

This major update for Street Fighter 6 not only adds a formidable character in Akuma but also introduces an engaging new game mode. The Giant Attack event encourages community collaboration and strategic gameplay, while the balance patch aims to refine and enhance the overall gaming experience. Players should dive into the Battle Hub, take on Akuma, and explore the new dynamics introduced in this exciting update.

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