Some players can get Diablo 4 for free

Some players can get Diablo 4 for free

2. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Many of the gaming community didn’t like the price of Diablo IV. So Blizzard decided to modify the price at the last minute. Now, some players will be able to get the game for free.

Influencers seem to be the key to promoting a new game in 2023 for some game studios. Many companies hire streamers, videographers, and other content creators to promote their games.

Blizzard has apparently been a bit late with Diablo IV in that regard; moreover, with the game’s price at €70, we can understand why many content creators are reluctant with the new version of the series.

Blizzard changes the Diablo IV sales campaign

With only a few days before the game’s release, Blizzard seems to have finally woken up and introduced a new campaign. With this new campaign, influencers can walk away with a free key for the Ultimate version of the game.

At first, this announcement from Blizzard didn’t sit well with everyone. Many players complain that almost anyone can get a key for the game for free. At the same time, other players have to invest a significant amount of money to be able to play Diablo IV.

However, the situation is a bit more complicated; smaller content creators are far from eligible for this lucrative incentive.

Some players can get Diablo 4 for free

Diablo IV will be free, though not everyone can get it that way. Blizzard’s new campaign for Diablo IV has given false hope to many content creators on social media.

Blizzard’s new campaign has been announced by Adam Fletcher, who is the director of the Diablo IV community center. Initially, many content creators were excited by how easy it seemed. Thus distributing keys to virtually everyone who had previously uploaded videos.

However, it won’t be as easy as many thought; the campaign is restricted, so only the biggest content creators with a large following can enjoy it.

Requirements to get a key for Diablo IV

The first requirement to get a free key was to register on the campaign website; however, nothing to do with the actual requirements for this prize.

In reality, this website requests that users have 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and 5 videos uploaded in the last three months. In addition, they ask users to have 240,000 minutes of public video views. While on Twitch, users must be partners or affiliates of the platform.

Specifically, to qualify for this free key, you must have averaged more than 100 views per broadcast over the previous six months on Twitch. If you are a YouTube creator, the requirements are much more complex. You will be asked for an average of 10,000 views on the video platform in the last six months.

With these minimum requirements, small content creators cannot access the code. It may seem that 10,000 views are a manageable number for many YouTube channels. However, that number must be maintained for at least six months. In addition, it appears that only very few codes will be available.

The marketing campaign was intended to get some influencers to receive the game, create content, and promote Diablo IV. But in the end, content creators who receive the game for free don’t have to do anything around the game.