Skarner’s Win Rate Plummets to All-Time Low After Rework Release

Skarner’s Win Rate Plummets to All-Time Low After Rework Release

5. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Just 24 hours after the release of Skarner’s comprehensive visual and gameplay overhaul in League of Legends Patch 14.7, the Primordial Sovereign is grappling with a significant setback.

Despite the anticipation surrounding his rework, Skarner’s win rate has plummeted to an unprecedented low, presenting a challenge for players navigating his revamped abilities and mechanics.

Skarner’s Win Rate Decline

Skarner currently holds the dubious distinction of having the lowest win rate among all champions in League of Legends, standing at a dismal 37.3 percent across Platinum ranks and above, as reported by stats aggregator U.GG.

While traditionally a jungle pick, Skarner’s versatility has led to experimentation in the support and top lane roles, yielding similarly disappointing results.

Earthrune Skarner Splash Art 1

Patch 14.7 Rework

In Patch 14.7, Skarner underwent a comprehensive overhaul, receiving a new set of skills and a visual update for the first time since his original release in 2011.

Despite having five unique skins, Skarner remained one of the least-favored picks in the game prior to his rework. Now equipped with an array of new abilities, Skarner presents a fresh challenge for players to master.

Skarner Definitiva

Adjustment Period

It’s not uncommon for newly reworked champions to experience a period of adjustment following their release. Similar to other champions like Briar, whose win rate initially struggled before finding a place in the meta, Skarner requires time for players to adapt to his updated kit effectively. As players familiarize themselves with his abilities and playstyle, his win rate is expected to stabilize.

Mastering Skarner’s Playstyle

Despite initial perceptions of Skarner’s powerful ability set, mastering his playstyle requires finesse. Players must learn optimal engagement timings, utilize his ultimate effectively, and strike a balance between tankiness and aggression.

Skarner’s success hinges on his ability to absorb damage while capitalizing on opportunities to initiate teamfights or secure objectives.



As Skarner’s win rate undergoes a period of adjustment post-rework, players must adapt to his updated abilities and mechanics to unlock his full potential. With time and practice, Skarner is poised to find his place in the meta, offering players a unique and rewarding gameplay experience.

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