Riot Accidentally Leaks Malphite’s Next Visual Rework

Riot Accidentally Leaks Malphite’s Next Visual Rework

4. April 2024 by Never

League of Legends’ iconic rock, Malphite, is set to receive a visual makeover in upcoming patches, and Riot Games may have inadvertently revealed his new look. While some speculate it was a mistake, others believe it could be a deliberate tease by the developers.

A Wave of Visual Updates

Following Skarner’s recent complete rework, Riot Games continues to revamp older champions’ visuals and abilities. From Jax to Ahri, many champions have received updates, with Teemo, Lee Sin, and Shyvana among those confirmed for future improvements.

Malphite: The Unexpected Recipient

Joining the ranks of champions due for a refresh is Malphite, beloved by the community and notorious for inspiring countless memes. Despite his simplistic gameplay revolving around smashing opponents, his outdated visuals pale in comparison to newer champions like Smolder, Zeri, or Rell.


A Glimpse into the Future

In a recent trailer showcasing Skarner’s visual update, keen-eyed viewers spotted a brief glimpse of Malphite’s new look at the 1:50 mark. While partially obscured by other characters, Riot Games may have intentionally included this sneak peek to generate excitement among players.

Inspired by Wild Rift

Malphite’s updated appearance bears a striking resemblance to his counterpart in Wild Rift, the mobile game that serves as a source of inspiration for League of Legends’ PC developers. This alignment reflects Riot Games’ efforts to maintain consistency across platforms.

League of Legends Community Buzzes with Excitement Over Malphite’s Visual Rework Reveal

Riot Games’ accidental reveal of Malphite’s upcoming visual rework has ignited excitement among League of Legends players. As one of the game’s oldest champions, Malphite’s refreshed appearance promises to breathe new life into his iconic character while preserving his beloved gameplay mechanics.