Magic: The Gathering MH3 Pro Tour: Simon Nielsen Crowned Champion with Top Modern Deck

Magic: The Gathering MH3 Pro Tour: Simon Nielsen Crowned Champion with Top Modern Deck

1. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The MH3 Pro Tour in Amsterdam delivered an exhilarating conclusion to the Magic: The Gathering competitive season, featuring a blend of strategic brilliance, dramatic matches, and standout performances.

With the release of Modern Horizons 3 reshaping the meta, players brought their best strategies to the table, and it was Simon Nielsen who emerged victorious with his Bant Nadu deck.

A New Meta Dominated by Bant Nadu

Modern Horizons 3 introduced several impactful cards that quickly became staples in Modern Constructed decks. One of the most notable inclusions was Nadu, Winged Wisdom, which played a central role in the rise of Bant Nadu.

Out of the 243 participants, a significant number opted for either Bant Nadu or its variant, Four-Color Nadu, demonstrating the deck’s strength and versatility.

mtg nielsen

Top Eight Contenders

The top eight of the Pro Tour was a showcase of elite talent and diverse strategies. Five players, including Eli Kassis, Sam Pardee, Jason Ye, Simon Nielsen, and Daniel Goetschel, advanced with Bant Nadu decks.

Despite the deck’s prevalence, there was room for other innovative approaches. Noah Ma and Seth Manfield secured their spots with Mono-Black Necro, and former World Champion Javier Dominguez impressed with Jeskai Control.

MH3 Pro Tour top eight MTG players

The Road to Victory

Simon Nielsen’s journey to the championship was marked by consistent performance and strategic mastery. In the final showdown, Nielsen faced off against Sam Pardee in a Bant Nadu mirror match. Nielsen’s experience and tactical acumen ultimately led him to victory, securing his place as the MH3 Pro Tour champion.

Top eight Bracket at MTG Pro Tour MH3

Noteworthy Moments

Javier Dominguez’s run was particularly dramatic, nearly missing the top eight due to a controversial match against Bart Van Etten. The situation was resolved in Dominguez’s favor, allowing him to advance and further demonstrate his prowess.

Celebrating Legends

The Pro Tour also featured a ceremony honoring Kai Budde, a revered figure in the MTG community, who received the Player of the Year award. Simon Nielsen, already a past recipient, is vying for his second award this year, having not only won in Amsterdam but also finishing as a runner-up in Chicago.

1920x1080 Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3 Pardee and Nielsen Finals

Key Insights

  • Bant Nadu’s Impact: Analyzing the influence of Modern Horizons 3 on the Modern Constructed meta and the dominance of Bant Nadu.
  • Simon Nielsen’s Success: A detailed recount of Nielsen’s path to victory and his key strategies.
  • Diverse Strategies: Highlighting the variety of decks that made it to the top eight, including innovative choices like Mono-Black Necro and Jeskai Control.
  • Honoring Excellence: Celebrating the achievements of Kai Budde and the potential for Simon Nielsen to claim another Player of the Year award.
  • Future Prospects: Previewing the highly anticipated Magic World Championship in Las Vegas.

Looking Ahead

As the competitive Magic: The Gathering scene moves forward, players are now setting their sights on the 2023-2024 Magic World Championship in Las Vegas, scheduled for October 25-27. The event promises to bring together the world’s best players in a battle for the ultimate title.


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