GameStop’s Big Bet on Pokémon TCG: Graded Cards Expansion

GameStop’s Big Bet on Pokémon TCG: Graded Cards Expansion

12. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

GameStop, known for its fluctuating fortunes in recent years, is doubling down on trading cards, specifically targeting the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) market with a new initiative to introduce graded card buying and selling options.

According to a report from Jon Sahagian at PokéBeach, GameStop is set to launch this new program in its U.S. locations, allowing customers to sell and eventually buy graded cards.

This move aims to distance GameStop from online retailers and auctions while expanding its offerings to include graded products and singles, with a focus on Pokémon TCG leading the charge.

Pokémon TCG: The Prime Focus

Pokemon TCG Graded Pokemon Cards Screenshot

The retailer has pinpointed Pokémon TCG as its key product, aiming to attract the level of local game store traffic. “GameStop specifically wants to sell Pokémon cards. Simply put, Pokémon is GameStop’s fastestselling TCG,” a GameStop manager involved in the test program revealed to PokéBeach.

Initially, the initiative will accept graded cards exclusively from the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), with plans to potentially include other grading services like CGC and Beckett in the future. Cards graded PSA Eight and above will be accepted for valuation, excluding cards valued over $500 from the program.


Expansion to Pokémon TCG Singles

In addition to graded cards, GameStop will begin selling Pokémon TCG singles, offering $1 holos and reverse holos, similar to local game stores. All these cards will be sourced from the secondary market, expanding GameStop’s offerings beyond traditional video games.

A Strategic Move for GameStop

Pokemon TCG Graded Illustrator Pikachu

For GameStop, this expansion into trading cards represents a strategic pivot amidst the decline of physical video game sales. “GameStop’s leaders believe this is the obvious next step for the company. Physical media is waning, especially for video games. It was time for the company to branch out to trading cards. They are the future,” the GameStop manager explained.

Accessible Pokémon TCG for All

The initiative also aims to make Pokémon TCG more accessible, particularly to younger audiences who frequent GameStop. “They will get to pick out cards of their favorite Pokémon. Maybe it will inspire them to dive into the TCG. Or they can pick out cards they need to finish their decks,” the manager added.

Pokemon TCG Charizard Graded

Future Expansion and Details

While GameStop has tested similar initiatives in limited markets before, the official announcement and rollout of this program may take some time or remain in select locations. Further expansion to cater to different TCG communities could also be on the horizon.

In summary, GameStop’s move into Pokémon TCG with graded card options and singles represents a bold strategy to tap into the growing popularity and value of trading card games, aiming to revitalize its business model and engage a new generation of players and collectors.


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