Sentinels’ Roster Shuffle: pANcada Benched for VCT Americas Kickoff

Sentinels’ Roster Shuffle: pANcada Benched for VCT Americas Kickoff

13. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Americas Kickoff approaches, team Sentinels have made a surprising roster decision that has left fans and the esports community in a state of anticipation. Bryan “pANcada” Lucas, a key player from Brazil, confirmed via a live stream that he would not be participating in the upcoming VCT Kickoff.

The Unexpected Announcement

During his live stream, pANcada responded to a fan’s question about his feelings towards the upcoming tournament with an unexpected revelation, saying, “Anxious about what? If I’m not going to play.”

This statement came as a shock, especially considering pANcada’s status as one of the world’s best controllers with his former team LOUD, with whom he won the 2022 VALORANT Champions.

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Sentinels’ Roster Dynamics: Zellsis Steps In

Originally, Sentinels had acquired Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro as their sixth player, intending to balance the team’s roster. Despite joining as a substitute, Zellsis, the former Cloud9 player, will now be stepping into the starting lineup, as confirmed by his statements in Dot Esports.

pANcada’s Criticism of Sentinels

In contrast to the team’s official explanation, pANcada has expressed dissatisfaction with Sentinels’ management. He criticized the team’s strategy for 2023, which shifted him from his preferred controller role to a sentinel role, a position he described as “garbage” due to its limited engagement in retakes.


Behind the Decision: Visa Issues Cited

Sentinels CEO Rob Moore, speaking on Plat Chat, attributed pANcada’s absence from the Kickoff to visa problems. Currently in Brazil, pANcada has been unable to practice with the team due to these complications.

Implications for Sentinels and the VCT Americas Kickoff

This roster change poses significant questions about Sentinels’ strategies and performance in the upcoming VCT. The team’s ability to adapt and compete at a high level without pANcada, who played a crucial role in their previous successes, will be under scrutiny.

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The Road Ahead for pANcada

As for pANcada, his future with Sentinels remains uncertain. His evident frustration with the team’s decisions and role changes might lead to further developments in his esports career.

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Sentinels’ Surprising Decision

The unfolding situation with Sentinels and pANcada is a reminder of the dynamic nature of esports team compositions and the challenges that players and organizations face. Fans and analysts alike will be keenly watching how these changes affect Sentinels’ performance in the VCT Americas Kickoff and beyond.