VCT Americas Kickoff: Groups and Dates for the Road to Masters Madrid

VCT Americas Kickoff: Groups and Dates for the Road to Masters Madrid

31. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The excitement builds for the start of a new season in VCT Americas, where the region’s top teams will face off in epic battles. These competitions are not just for regional honor, but also for a spot in Masters Madrid, the year’s first international tournament.

A New Format to Reach Masters

VCT Americas introduces a revamped format with a Kickoff phase, where 11 teams will battle in intense duels. This crucial stage will take place from February 16th to February 25th. During this period, teams will compete to define the leader of each group, with the top three teams from each group advancing directly to the semifinals.

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The Path to the Semifinal and Final

Teams that finish second in their respective groups will enter an all-against-all phase starting February 26th, where only one will qualify for the semifinals. The decisive dates will be March 2nd and 3rd, where both the semifinals and the grand final of the tournament will be played.

At Stake: Representation at Masters Madrid and Championship Points

The two finalist teams will not only earn the right to represent VCT Americas at Masters Madrid but the tournament champion will also receive 3 championship points, crucial on their path to the Champions tournament. With the league’s start just two weeks away, anticipation grows for the matchups that will define the new rosters of the squads.

The New Season of VCT Americas Is About to Begin

The VCT Americas Kickoff represents an exciting start to a season filled with high competition and strategy. The participating teams are not only seeking regional glory but the opportunity to compete on the international stage at Masters Madrid. Get ready to experience the action and talent in this thrilling league!